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Q&A with Michael Lowman

Written by Thursday, 17 April 2014 16:54

Chelsea Haith: Playing at Champs Action Bar, Grahamstown on 19 April singer/songwriter Michael Lowman is working his way into the South African consciousness with guitar skills described as 'panty-dropping' and several charted hits including Your Lovin' Ain't Right and Girl Saves Boy.

His debut album Crayon Boxes was nominated for a SAMA in the 'Best Adult Contemporary Album' category and Lowman earning an MK Award nomination for 'Best Newcomer'. Lowman will be touring South Africa with Tori Amos in June and July this year.

The launch of a campaign calling for South Africans to spoil their vote in the upcoming national elections attracted a small protest from political parties at Wits on Tuesday. 

The  Sidikiwe Vukani! [We are fed up! Wake up!] campaign, formed by African National Congress (ANC) stalwarts Ronnie Kasrils and Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge was formally inaugurated at a small launch held at the campus in Braamfontein. 

Brice Smith, a recent graduate from Pennsylvania State University in the United States of America, is in Cape Town with a mission: to study post-graduate law, get involved with social justice, and positively impact the South African democracy that he believes is ripe for change.

He describes this six month stint away from the place that he was so familiar with back home as a “broadening of horizons” which forced him to quickly grow and rise up to the challenges that lay before him.

More on Brice at INFOCUS: Embracing Change as an International Exchange Student in this latest issue of 4Ward! Magazine.

Roxanne Joseph: “A few people can make a difference in journalism,” according to Doug Frantz, assistant secretary of state for public affairs in the USA.

Frantz, who previously worked for former Senator John Kerry, spoke to the Wits Journalism department in Johannesburg on Monday, as part of his visit to South Africa.

Laying firm foundations

Written by Wednesday, 16 April 2014 08:00

What foundations are you laying for your future career as a young professional?

A sign in knowing where our lives should be heading is based firstly on understanding how we’ve been gifted as individuals, so that work will be an expression of who we are at our core that not only benefits us but others as well. And secondly, work has the incredible purpose of reflecting our Creator who has wired us in unique ways to function at our optimal best for His glory.

LIESE-MARIE HEYNS: South Africans are moving away from traditional news sources and are accessing news from a variety of online media, and UP students are following suit. In a campus survey conducted by Perdeby, 51% of students said that they access news from digital platforms, while only 16% still read newspapers.

Born free and now free to vote in 2014

Written by Tuesday, 15 April 2014 19:55

JOANÉ OLIVIER AND ORENEILE TSHETLO: This year people born around the end of apartheid will be able to vote for the first time.

The amount of young people actively involved in politics indicates that the youth vote will have a great impact and make a large contribution to the upcoming elections, SRC Deputy President Taymoon Altamash told Perdeby. Rochelle Oosthuyse, chairperson of AfriForum Youth, feels that because the born free generation is more integrated and informed than previous generations, voters may make their decisions based on the way they want the country to develop rather than “historical facts and influences”. Prof. Bernard Bekink, professor of public law at UP and attorney of the High Court of South Africa, believes that although the born free generation will influence the upcoming elections, the extent of this will “depend on their commitment to make an effort, as they should, to go out and vote on election day”.

CRAIG HORRMANN: Extension courses are viewed differently by different people and just as they have their pros, they also have their cons. Is it worth prolonging your studies, keeping in mind the ever-rising costs of further education, to get the degree you want?

NAISARGI PATEL: It is a natural instinct for humans to associate physical appearance with certain qualities. Good looks and physical appeal is usually equated with intelligence. Professors, lecturers and tutors are judged on their looks when the question of teaching ability is raised. Sometimes it seems that the more attractive the lecturer or tutor is, the fuller the classes get and the earlier the students seem to settle down.

Das Kapital fundraiser opposes Tiger Tiger

Written by Tuesday, 15 April 2014 16:42

Leila Stein: Ending off the first term of 2014 Monastery hosted DJ Das Kapital. As one of South Africa’s premier DJ’s, he has played at almost every festival in South Africa. Most recently he has drawn attention, not as Das Kapital but rather through his new charity fund, the Kyle Brinkmann South African National Cleavage Day Breast Cancer Survivor Project.

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