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SIMPHIWE NHLABATHI: Akani Simbine is one of the rising stars in South African athletics. The 20-year-old sprinter represented Tuks at this year’s Varsity Athletics and South Africa at the Commonwealth Games.

You recently ran at the Commonwealth Games. How was the whole experience and what was your proudest moment?

I’m still young in athletics and it’s only my third year doing this. The Commonwealth Games were pretty awesome for me because I was on one stage with all the best sprinters in the world, except the Americans, so it was just like the Olympics and the World Champs. My proudest moment

was when I ran the 200m and qualified for the final. I wasn’t going to do the 200m when I came to the games but then I just decided to move away from withdrawing and just ran. A personal best (20.37) and a final came out of that, which was also totally unexpected.

ELMARIE KRUGER: This September, Taxi Violence will celebrate their tenth birthday. Perdeby sat down with bassist Jason Ling at this year’s Oppikoppi festival to discuss their forthcoming anniversary album.

Oppikoppi commemorates its 20thanniversary this year. What does it mean to the band to be performing at this momentous event?

It’s our ten-year anniversary as a band, so it’s nice to share an anniversary together with someone. It’s their 20th year and our tenth so everyone is celebrating something, which makes it special on both sides.

You’re launching your ten-year anniversary album in September, which is very significant. What does this mean to the band?

It’s a bit like when you read a good book and you reach the end of a nice chapter. It’s the same way for us: not the end of the book, but the end of a good chapter. It sums up what we’ve made through in these ten years. Anyone who’s in a band in South Africa will know that it’s quite tough, it’s hard work and it’s not easy to get recognition and to carry on. So ten years for us is a big thing. It’s an assessment of our friendship as a band.

MICHAL-MARÉ LINDEN: 2014 has seen the slow release of ChristianTigerSchool’s new album Chrome Tapes. Luc Vermeer, one half of the duo, chatted to Perdeby about their new material.

Your process for releasing the new album has been quite a unique one. Why did you decide on it?

I think we were just really eager to release something but not the full thing. So we thought about it and made [it] into a process so that we could show, in a sense, what we were doing but not the whole thing. I bought a tape machine and I think that’s why we started releasing tapes. It didn’t work. We had to take it to a farm to get all the tapes recorded. So we just decide to release it like that and then possibly release some form of video and then hopefully the full album as well – so, sort of multi-formatted instead of a plain release. We wanted to do something more than that, something a little more involved.

ELMARIE KRUGER: MonArk’s debut album Negatives is a pop-rock explosion that is certain to inspire its listeners. “Only one”, the album’s opening track, ensures that the record begins strongly and forcefully. This makes the album appealing from the get-go. The band’s latest single “Something” is an excellent follow-up, contributing to the rest of the radio-ready songs on the album. Like the song itself, its video is loaded with meaning, as all of MonArk’s music videos to date have been.

“Build it up” is the band’s second big single and is sure to have fans singing and dancing along in no time while “Smiling”, with its awe-inspiring chorus and imaginative video (directed by Bouwer Bosch) warmed the hearts of many when it first graced South Africa’s airwaves.

MICHAL-MARÉ LINDEN: For the 20th year in a row, the arid plains of a farm up in Northam were overrun by prawns craving dust, sweet sounds and revelry – nothing less than a guarantee from Oppikoppi. This year’s theme was Odyssey, as South Africa’s biggest music festival celebrated the Greeks and all things classic.

The festival kicked off on Thursday with many of the festivalgoers having arrived early that morning or the day before. The weather was hot and the bands were even hotter. The programme for Thursday was rather laidback and highlights included Wrestlerish, who played one of their last live performances, and Bittereinder. An exciting discovery was Fridge Poetry who played on the small Ray-Ban Top Bar Stage and had people dancing on the tables to their brassy punk sound.

LIZL LOMBAARD AND YANGA TYIKWE: Sometimes characters surpass the movies they feature in. They form part of our memories and we love them so much that we forget that they are only fictional.

During his lifetime, Robin Williams portrayed an astounding number of these iconic characters. Williams possessed an unparalled talent to fit into characters which were polar opposites, and it is because of this that in his long career he has appealed to the child, the teenager and the adult.

BRIAN KIAUTHA: After a three-month hiatus the Barclays Premier League is back. During the break, Germany won the World Cup, beating a Messi-led Argentina 1-0. The impact of the German players, such as Mesut Özil and André Schürrle, will soon be felt as the players and fans alike prepare for the new season.

Manchester City made it two league wins in three years at the end of the 2013/14 season, with Liverpool finishing two points behind the champions. Manchester City has had a quiet transfer window so far, but they have brought players like Bacary Sagna and Frank Lampard into the squad as they aim to retain the title.

DYLAN FLOWERDAY: SRC member for transformation and student success Nthabiseng Nooe hosted a forum last Wednesday which discussed the role of student governance.

The discussion focused on why student governance exists, ways to tackle student apathy, ways the SRC can be more effective, and what services the SRC should provide.

Students who attended the forum pointed out that there is a lack of communication between the SRC and students, and said that the SRC does not seem to be taken seriously by either students or UP management.

KAYA NOCANDA: UP-Tuks 1 won this year’s BBRU Carlton Cup beating Pretoria Police 35-13 in the final on Saturday 9 August.

In the build-up to the final UP-Tuks 1 coach Pote Human did not believe that the game was going to be easy and said that there would be “war” when the two sides collided.

The opening ten minutes of the game saw both teams using a lot of one-off runners to assert their dominance in the collisions. UP-Tuks 1 were determined to cross the advantage line with each carry but Pretoria Police’s defence was strong and they were able to repel UP-Tuks 1’s efforts. Team captain and number five lock Reniel Hugo spotted some space behind Police’s defensive line and his chip forced the Police full-back to kick the ball out inside his own 22. UP-Tuks 1 were then able to set up a rolling maul that saw Sidney Tobias scoring the first try of the final. The conversion attempt by Antonie Beswick was unsuccessful.

BOIPELO BOIKHUTSO: The EFF Tuks branch was officially launched on 6 August at the Graduate Centre. At the launch, new executive committee members were elected. Each member introduced themselves to the crowd with a unique EFF chant.

EFF Tuks secretary Jaco Oelofse said that three candidates affiliated with the EFF will contest the SRC elections. He added that the party has an alliance with the Young Socialist Student Society.

“Due to our new presence on campus, we are still finding our place. However, we are deeply committed to deal with the issues of the working class student,” Oelofse said. He said that although the EFF will focus on “the struggles of black working class students”, they will not alienate other students.

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