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Anyone is welcome to join Student News Grid, all you need to do is register to set up your account and confirm your email address.

Registration is automated and allows users to post adverts in the classified section and events in the event section.


Contributions are welcomed and open to all students who are able to write competently (although publishing rights may be revoked if abused through posting inappropriate content). If you want to contribute as a journalist, when registering choose your 'Registration type' as contributor and we will allocate you publishing rights. Please note this process is not automated and needs to be done by an administrator, so please be patient.

If you write for one of our existing media partners and would like to be registered as a journalist for them, please send a message to SNG Editor to notify us.


We are always on the lookout for new student media partners. If you have an existing student newspaper, magazine or website you are invited to contact us about setting up a partnership and including your publication in Student News Grid.

Should you still be looking at setting up a new publication or website, please get in touch with us for a free consultation and to potentially be included into our fledgling student media incubator project in partnership with Veldfire Media.

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Mon Sep 01 @ 5:00PM -
Half price pizza @ The Bohemian
Tue Sep 02 @ 6:00PM -
R10 Student Night @ Stones Melville
Tue Sep 02 @ 6:00PM -
R10 Student Night @ Stones Observatory
Tue Sep 02 @ 8:30PM -
Student Night at Doors in Edenvale
Wed Sep 03 @ 5:00PM -
Half price pizza @ Jolly Roger
Thu Sep 04 @ 8:00PM -
Fiesta Thursdays @ Cafe Vacca Matta
Sun Sep 07 @ 5:00PM -
Half price pizza @ Jolly Roger