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APHILE-APHILE SOLOLO: The celebration of Women’s Week 2014, being held from 4 to 9 August, began with the Pan African Youth Dialogue (PAYD) panel discussion on Beauty and Strength on Tuesday, 5 August at Rhodes University.

Lisa Maholo, the head of the Rhodes University division of PAYD, said the purpose of the discussion was to “provide a platform for young men and women to engage with issues around beauty and strength in a modern society”.

Zukiswa Kota, an Education Researcher and Environmentalist at Public Service Accountability Monitor (PSAM), raised the notion that beauty lies in strength and the natural environment in which one lives.

ATHINI MAJALI: “18 years ago I fell in love. I met Mr. Right. I was young, naïve and in love with a man. After sometime we decided to move in together. It was on the night of our housewarming party that he raped me along with his lover. They held me down and raped me continuously. For a year I lived with this man, and the events of that night were never discussed. I refused to acknowledge that what transpired that night was rape because men don’t get raped but the reality is – they do- the truth of the matter is: I am a man and I am a rape survivor.”

SIBULELE MAGINI: The newly re-elected South African President, Jacob Zuma, made his cabinet announcement on Sunday evening, 25th May 2014. This is the country’s fifth administration since the dawn of democracy and will be leading the country in respective assigned departments in the next 5 years. There are some new faces, new ministries, mergers and old faces shuffled around from department to department.

FEZEKILE COKILE: At a glance, Andile Mapapu looks like your average student. He is 19 years old. He is in second year studying BPharm. For the purposes of our interview he invited me in his room at Chris Hani residence. Like any normal student, his room is a bit untidy. The bed has not been made up yet even though it is 1:30 pm. Books and papers litter the table.  We sit down and he plays Rick Ross’ song ‘The Devil is a liar’ on his computer. “I listen to Hip Hop music, to artists like Drake, Kanye West and Rick Ross,” he says with a bright smile. Mapapu has reason to smile indeed. He recently won the Makana Bodybuilding Contest in the under 21 category and the Men’s overall contest. All of his trophies and medals are displayed on top of his bookcase. When asked if he expected to win the competition he says confidently that he believed he stood a chance. He had worked extremely hard three weeks prior to the competition by training six days a week, and going on a strict diet. His diet included dramatically increasing his protein intake.

SINAZO NAKUPI: Wednesday 7th May marked the fifth national and provincial elections since the advent of democracy in 1994. Rhodes University students, most of them voting for the first time, came out in their numbers to participate in the most competitive and anticipated election in twenty years.

A record of 25.3 million voters registered for the 2014 national and provincial election, about 2.2 million more than those who registered in 2009.

With two voting stations on campus that opened on time, one at the Rhodes University Drama Theatre and another at the Great Hall, voters did not have to stand for long in queues as both venues had short or no queues at all.

Matthew Kynaston and Rhea MacDonald: A Rhodes University student has been killed.

Two bodies were removed from Cullen Bowles at 10am today. The deceased are a Rhodes student and a Grahamstown resident. Police were called to the scene this morning after reports of a shooting.

MATTHEW KYNASTON AND RHEA MACDONALD: A Rhodes University student was shot and killed on Saturday 26 April. Her attacker shot himself on the scene shortly thereafter.

Two bodies were removed from Cullen Bowles at 10am on Saturday. Police were called to the scene early in the morning after reports of a shooting.

Jane Berg: Members of a new anti-rhino poaching activism group ‘The Cliptivists’ argued for their cause at a public meeting in the Environmental Learning Research Centre on April 22.

At this inaugural public colloquium, the group implored audience members to ask themselves “what can I do?” to stem the killing of rhinos.

Shaun Dyllan Simpson: The world of virtual reality isn’t just a theme from the 90’s any longer, it’s here, it’s real and it should be going somewhere.

When game developers and hardcore gamers alike heard about the head gear known as the Oculus Rift, over sixty thousand backers, including myself, bought the first ever device of its kind. The company behind the Oculus Rift appropriately named ‘Oculus’ promised gamers of a future with affordable and realistic virtual reality headgear.

 Julia Fish: Gareth Cliff is going to take 5fm Campus invasion to the next level. Many awoke to the sad news that their favourite morning DJ is leaving 5fm yesterday morning. Well not quite.

Though Cliff is stepping down from the breakfast show, he will be moving into a fabulous new role- expanding campus radio.

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