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  • Getting high with GoPro
    Getting high with GoPro Gustav Lilienfeld: I had reached the summit. Having climbed to the topmost point of Lion’s Head, I couldn’t go any higher. There were others around me,…
  • Blurred lines: fashion in sport
    Blurred lines: fashion in sport Vikash Gajjar: Fashion and sport were never closely linked. If you think back to a few years ago, the two had very little to do with…
  • Oppi TV: RU voting
    With Oppi TV's Election Debate on the 30th of April, we sat down with some Rhodes students to find out their thoughts on voting in next…
  • E-gaming: A real sport?
    E-gaming: A real sport? Laurie Scarborough: Pasty skinned, scrawny, face perpetually trained to the blue-ish hue of a computer screen, and always dressed in jeans and one-size-too-big t-shirts. Not really…
  • Rhino poaching horror combatted
    Rhino poaching horror combatted Strato Copteros: “The horror, the horror”, Marlon Brando’s character, Colonel Kurtz, repeatedly whispers in Apocalypse Now. Brando’s breathless drawl as eerie as the ubiquitous photos of dead…

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