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Wednesday, 02 May 2012 08:24

PhotoShop vs. Photography

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PhotoShop vs. Photography Image: swanksalot

Theolin Tembo: Photography will never be replaced by 'Photoshoppers', as long as skill and talent form the core of the profession.


A picture is worth a thousand, or at least it used to be. It not only showed us something - it told us so much more than what we saw with our eyes. We were able to know that what we saw was the truth.

That is now something of the past. These days the first thing you ask yourself after looking at an unfamiliar photograph is whether it has been ‘Photoshopped’ or not.

The rise of technology has allowed us many new gadgets to play with.  We can edit and change pictures how we see fit. These newly edited pictures are made to look so impressive that, in some cases, they rival photos taken from professional photographers. So does this mean that photography is becoming an endangered profession, or will these Photoshop hipsters never measure up?

Professionally-shot photographs have something that can’t be easily faked or created behind a computer. Many families out their still choose to have the pictures of them or their children shot by a professional photographer. Also magazines still pay lots of money for very successful photographers to do photo-shoots and magazine editorial spreads.

However it seems like once those photographs are taken, they get given to someone who knows how to efficiently work with Photoshop. The images are then transformed to look a certain way. Anything that looks out of place or can look better gets edited so that the so-called best possible image is what is left over.

We all take photographs at parties, clubs and fun days out with family or friends.  Afterwards we mess around with them on photo editors if we want, and sometimes we amaze ourselves with what we create. We feel proud and get excited about it, but in our hearts we know that they do not measure up to professional photographs; and they never will unless we have taken course in photography.

At the end of it all photography is a skill. Businesses that use both photography and Photoshop still want to choose something that will help their bottom line. ‘Photoshopping’ is becoming expensive but in order to Photoshop anything, there has to be an image. If the photographer is able to capture THAT picture, then there would be no need for the Photoshop hipsters.

In a way, Photoshop and Photography manage to work in unison with each other.  They complement each other but photography cannot be replaced. All Photoshop essentially does is polish what is already there.

There is no denying there is a gap in the market for those tech-savvy hipsters, with the know-how of Photoshop, but they will not be able to take the jobs of photographers. All of us have viewed tons of photographs. Maybe one day in the very distant future they could and if it does happen, that will be a very sad day for us all.

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