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MAXINE TWADDLE: Not everyone is a born gamer. Some of us nod wisely when the conversation turns towards the graphics in the new Halo game and hope that we won’t have to venture our opinions (we had never heard of Halo before). If you’ve caught a severe case of gaming Fomo from reading this supplement and would like to try your hand at gaming but have only ever used a PlayStation to watch DVDs, don’t worry. Perdeby has put together a list of the best games for a first-time gamer to play.

LIZL LOMBAARD: According to a recent survey done by social gaming platform, one in five mobile gamers would rather give up sex than mobile games for a week. The survey also found that 28% of mobile gamers who play at least three hours a day admit to occasionally playing while driving. Although this type of behaviour might be the exception, it is still not surprising for a $21.8 billion industry that is said to almost double by 2017 with $35.4 billion in revenue, according to research done by

Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds, 2048. These are just a few of the chart-topping mobile games that have become a part of our everyday existence. The mobile gaming industry is growing at a fast pace and with the easy accessibility of games on smartphones and tablets, is mobile gaming stealing PC and console gaming’s thunder?

JOHAN SAAYMAN: Being a human fighting alongside the elf nation to stop the Ice Lords from destroying your land seems like the perfect reason to perform a ritual to give you the power of fire. Magic rituals are always fun until they end up damning your soul and possessing you with a fire demon.

Spiders, a French video game developing company, has brought out yet another role-playing game called Bound by Flame. It is the company’s seventh game and it falls nothing short of a declaration of pallid potential and overenthusiastic confidence.

LISA KAHIMBAARA: Video gaming is traditionally regarded as an all-boys club. Non-gamers may be surprised to learn that women are just as avid about gaming and are firmly cementing their place in the industry.

The gaming industry has been influenced by women for many years. Carol Shaw is regarded as the first female game designer for her 3D Tic-Tac-Toe game in 1979. She later joined video game publisher Activision to develop her popular game River Raiders. Another well-known female force in the gaming industry is Kellee Santiago, the president and co-founder of Thatgamecompany, who created the games Cloud, Flower and Journey.

MICHAL-MARÉ LINDEN: Gamers at Tuks are not rare but not all of them have achieved as much as Maryke Kennard. Currently on Platinum level 5 on European servers, Maryke is also vice-chairperson of Tuks Mind Sports Club and the recipient of Gauteng provincial colours forLeague of Legends. Perdeby chatted to her recently about her achievements and women in gaming.

ELMARIE KRUGER: It’s hard to imagine a world in which gaming, be it on mobile devices, computers or consoles, does not exist. Not too long ago, when computers were still the size of large rooms and mobile phones were relatively unheard of, gaming consoles were pioneers in the world of gaming. Although consoles were mostly reserved for the rich, they still paved the way for gaming as we know it today, and the console itself has undergone a significant evolution over the years.

LIZL LOMBAARD: Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen told CNBC reporter Kelly Evans in an exclusive interview that fans can expect the game’s return in August. On 15 May 2014 Nguyen tweeted a screen shot of a mystery game in the same style as Flappy Bird, tweeting, “I am making a new game. So people can forget about Flappy Bird for a while.”

Nguyen deleted the original version of Flappy Bird in February this year. reported that this decision was viewed by some as a publicity stunt, since the announcement made mobile users rush to download it before its deletion. Others say the sudden fame Flappy Bird brought Nguyen was a bit too much for the reportedly shy guy.

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