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Chelsea Haith: On their third tour to Cape Town, Grahamstown local hard rock act Shackles and Bones are looking forward to three days in the Mother City. The tour runs from 1-5 May and will comprise of two gigs, one at  Zula Bar, the other at Obviouzly Armchair on 2 and 3 May respectively as the band will be travelling on 1 and 5 May.

LIZL LOMBAARD: Like all music festival lovers know, the only bad part of attending a music festival is the post festival depression which hits you like a very bad hangover once you have returned to reality. It’s a bittersweet feeling infused with a hint of nostalgia and anticipation for next year's festival.

Greg Roxburgh & Tayla Sellschop: Students everywhere are always looking for new music, many turning online. But which sites are the most legitimate and give the best quality of searchable and downloadable audio? Here’s a look at the top sites taking over.

Aphiwe Ngalo and Linda Mafele: Saint’s Bistro will be hosting the ‘Standout Comedy’ show on Thursday 24 April to get Grahamstown laughing.

The headline act is Roland Gaspar, the man who has featured on Makro and the MiWay adverts. Gaspar has been on radio and television commercials so he is a quite a well-known face.

Chelsea Haith: Playing at Champs Action Bar, Grahamstown on 19 April singer/songwriter Michael Lowman is working his way into the South African consciousness with guitar skills described as 'panty-dropping' and several charted hits including Your Lovin' Ain't Right and Girl Saves Boy.

His debut album Crayon Boxes was nominated for a SAMA in the 'Best Adult Contemporary Album' category and Lowman earning an MK Award nomination for 'Best Newcomer'. Lowman will be touring South Africa with Tori Amos in June and July this year.

ELMARIE KRUGER: They are everywhere. Hidden in our favourite movies, albums, TV shows and games. Tiny, concealed details that only those with the keenest of eyes and ears (or with lots of time on their hands) will notice: the media’s so-called Easter Eggs.

The term “Easter Egg” as a way of referring to hidden images and sounds in the media has many stories of origin. One of the more popular tales is that it was coined during the filming of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975. The story goes that the cast decided to have an Easter egg hunt on set, but some of these were so well hidden that nobody could find them, resulting in several of these Easter eggs being included in frames of the film. Easter Eggs are not limited to movies. Here are a few examples of Easter Eggs to look or listen out for in films, albums, games and TV series:

MICHAL-MARÉ LINDEN: To metalcore fans around the world, Asking Alexandria is anything but an unfamiliar name. With three albums and multiple international tours already completed, this five-piece band from York, England, will perform two much anticipated concerts in South Africa in early May. Ahead of their trip, Perdeby chatted with Ben Bruce, lead guitarist and original founding member of Asking Alexandria, about their latest news and possible space travel.

YANGA TYIKWE: A highly insightful and emotional biography, this book allows the reader into the life and past of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who captured the world’s heart in 2012 and has held it since.

The reader learns about Yousufzai’s upbringing, and about her father Ziauddin Yousafzai, a poet, education activist and owner of a chain of public schools offering education for both girls and boys. It was at her father’s school that Malala learnt to read and write, as well as other skills which her illiterate mother had no access to while growing up.

The 13th annual Ghoema music awards were held on Sunday, 13 April 2014 at the Big Top Arena at Carnival City. The event is a celebration in honour of the Afrikaans language and its achievements through music.

Apart from the award ceremony itself, the night also saw performances by some of South Africa’s top artists, including Corlea Botha, Elvis Blue, Joshua na die Reen, Jay, Kurt Darren and Riana Nel.

The night saw an atmosphere of excitement and honour as the winners for each category were presented with their awards. The ceremony was concluded with Corlea Botha’s song, Black Coffee.

SebBurge: Grahamstown’s own hard rock, pop-punk band Those Days Are Gone (TDAG), is set for success after recently signing with independent label SilverCup Records.  Despite negotiations having already begun late last year, reshuffling in the company and negotiations halted the process slightly but the band is “very happy with the outcome.”

Both the band and the label having being founded in 2013, the relative youth of the duo was what made TDAG particularly excited to join the label, to be a part of their plans for the future from the start. These plans include a United Kingdom tour later this year.  It was their mission to ensure a band’s full creative control over their content, which won TDAG over and convinced them to be a part of the label.

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