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Thursday, 26 April 2012 11:59

Style in our city

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Style in our city Image: Pink Sherbet Photography

Daniёl Geldenhuys: Cape Town is the fashion destination of South Africa. If you’ve never jumped onto a Hiddingh Jammie and explored the diverse city style, now is the time to do it.


The Varsity Fashion team have compiled a guide to the must visit places – and what you’ll wear when you visit them. We’ll see you there!

Artwork designed: Paris Brummer.

Stetches: Kyusang Lee.

Long Street – Coz we like to party! 

Long Street comes alive at night. It is known to be one of Cape Town’s most creative hubs, housing spirited and colourful people who show great taste in fashion. There is no lack of party style as people dress to the nines for a good night out.

The ladies sport bubble-tuck dresses, high waisted skirts, shorts, and trousers with simple feminine tops. Sultry 6 inch heels, simple jewellery designs and depending on the weather, sharply tailored blazers are a must. These ladies aren’t afraid to go big, bold and loud with their colours; injecting it into their outfits and cosmetics. You may also come across the occasional daring high fashion yuppies. These ladies love their padded blazers, collared shirts and classic handmade jewellery.

Guys like to take it easy with their fashion, but still make an effort to look good. They usually opt for crisp white button-up shirts with a formal shoe, or simple Ts with great pairs of denim jeans. Most men sport subtle yet classic colours such as light shades of purple, blue and pink with a mixture of dark coloured bottoms and neutral sweaters. Party on.

Lungile Moyo

Kloof Street – Your new number one shopping destination

Whether it’s 40s vintage glamour, 50s inspired flare, or cheeky colour fun you’re looking for, Kloof Street is sure to wet your fashion appetite. For men and women alike, this street caters for all of one’s lifestyle needs.

After grabbing a quick cappuccino at Vida e Cafè, why not pop into Poppa Trunks for a pair of 70s inspired menswear sneakers? Ladies, this is a great place to surprise your man with a pair of statement, brightly coloured eyewear or a signature one-of-a-kind t-shirt to brighten up the grey winter months.

But if it’s personal retail therapy you are after, the classic vintage-crisp aura of The Wardrobe may tickle your fancy. A feminine and modern take on fashion, these clothes come in light fabrics and fabulous florals: cute outfits for those who aren’t afraid to show a little skin.

For the more sophisticated and style-conscious female, Purr fashion boutique stocks a variety of upper class basics from designer maxi dresses to bikinis and belts. Everything is tailored to “Purrfection”. So why not reinvent your style with a few unique accessories or invest in a whole new outfit that you’ll love wearing? A shopping adventure awaits the next time you find yourself with a free lunch hour.

Alicia Okeyo

Hiddingh Hall campus – the fashion experiment

Fashion at the Art and Drama campus is all about experimenting with colour, print and pattern. This is the one place you’re likely to run into someone who can actually pull off an Anna Dello Russo-style headpiece. But let’s not jump into the deep end. Here are some entry-level tips for fitting in with the uber-stylish art crowd.

Guys should go with long sleeved shirts which allow for easy wear but still look sophisticated and professional.  Match this with a camel or brown skinny, thin brown leather belts and a pair of leather boat shoes in a colour of your choice. To top this look off, a well-crafted leather satchel will make you feel as though you can perform like a star, look like a star, and study like one too.

Every Hiddingh girl has her own unique style. It’s all about looking great and being comfortable. The general trend involves earthy colours, combined with neon accessories such as a fluro-yellow waste belt.

If you’re someone who likes to mix it up, go with a high wasted skirt, a bright coloured blouse, broach, and leather boots. Complete the look by teasing your hair and tying it up with a ribbon.

In short: be bold, be brave, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Set a trend.


Dunkley Square – Will you be taking style with your coffee? 

Dunkley Square (Google Map it) is a short walk from Hiddingh. It’s a tranquil lifestyle hub filled with quirky fabric stores, restaurants and coffee shops. When it’s not raining, you can sit outside and sip your coffee under the trees. All you need is a little imagination and you’ll feel like you’re having your cappuccino in the heart of Paris. Right now, Dunkley is UCT student free – ripe for your infiltration. But what to wear when you go?

The mood at Dunkley is very relaxed, and so is the fashion. Don’t be fooled, when I say relaxed I’m not referring to tracksuits and Crocks (pardon the fashion swear word). Relax your outfit in a tailored sense: leave your sharp blazers and buttoned up shirts at home. This is the kind of place you’ll spot a woman in a Chloe-inspired blanket coat, or a guy in a sleeveless hiker-style puffa jacket.

Dunkley style is about wearing that one luxe item (blanket coat, puffa jacket, Prada shades, Louis Vuitton sneakers) that oozes fashion. Think laidback comfortable style, without abandoning a touch of high fashion.

I’m no fool – I realise that an effortless ‘I just threw this on’ look takes tons of effort… but maybe it’s time we focus a little less on what we wear and focus a little more on how we’re wearing it. Confidence and attitude are your must-have timeless accessories. Wear them well.

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