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CLAUDIA HARRISON: One day on Jammie Plaza some friends and I were looking at various apps such as Instagram and Twitter, when all of a sudden one of my friends was asking my advice on whether she should swipe left or right on Tinder. Never having used the app before, I was surprised at its user-friendly interface.

Tinder is an app designed for you to meet people in your area. You can set your gender, age and distance preferences. Like many apps these days, Tinder uses your Facebook profile (specifically your “About Me’ section, “likes’ and friends list). Through use of an algorithm you are then matched to like-minded people in your area.

While doing research for this article, I downloaded Tinder to see what the fuss was all about. I saw many familiar faces and clicked “like” as a gesture of friendship on my part, because I don’t think anyone likes being told that they are not good enough based solely on how they look.

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DIMPHO MOLETSANE: Microsoft has announced a new automated translated service which provides conversation subtitles in real-time .
“It is early days for this technology, but the Star Trek vision for a universal translator isn’t a galaxy away, and its potential is every bit as exciting as those Star Trek examples,” writes Skype Vice President, Gurdeep Pall, in a blog post. “Translator opens up so many possibilities to make meaningful connections in ways you never could before in education, diplomacy, multilingual families and in business.”

Published in Activate Features

In last month’s article I discussed the iOS and Android app for LinkedIn and mentioned that the apps had undergone some upgrades. Thankfully between then and now nothing has changed. I also said that I would discuss the news feed app Pulse in more detail in this month’s issue and finished with the following comment, “that is if they don’t change it by then – the pace of innovation doesn’t stand still, not even for me!” – guess what?

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Duncan Pike: Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and breakthroughs are constantly being made: what was once state-of-the-art can become outdated in a matter of weeks. In order to fully understand where we are and how we got there we must take a look back at the technology of the past and the progress that came as a result.

Rhodes’ Computer Science Department is a prime example of the advancements in technology.About 20 years ago, the computing situation at Rhodes University was one of the most advanced in the country. In 1988, Rhodes was granted South Africa’s first Internet Protocol (IP) address and its first Internet connection.

Published in Oppidan Press Features

Gustav Lilienfeld: I had reached the summit. Having climbed to the topmost point of Lion’s Head, I couldn’t go any higher. There were others around me, and our timing was just right. The sun was setting, and I watched as everyone else set up their cameras to capture the moment. They had all types of equipment, from smartphones and regular point-and-shoots to advanced tripods and lenses as long as telescopes. Mine was a GoPro, but what really set me apart was that my camera was mounted to a quadcopter.

Published in Varsity Features

Laurie Scarborough: Pasty skinned, scrawny, face perpetually trained to the blue-ish hue of a computer screen, and always dressed in jeans and one-size-too-big t-shirts. Not really what comes to mind when you think of an athlete, but this is the stereotyped e-athlete.

The world of e-gaming will be unfamiliar to most people, but the field is a highly competitive and highly lucrative activity that many make a career out of.

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MICHAEL REINDERS: Jetovator is a new water sport trending around the world. It combines a water bike and a jet ski, which allows you to fly into the sky.

The Jetovator is a small, bike-like vehicle which is propelled by water jets. The jet ski which is used with the Jetovator has a special Jetovator unit fitted onto it which replaces the jet ski pump. All the force of water goes forward into a single tube which goes into the bike to send the bike into the air. The main thrust goes out the back and then about 40% of  the power will comes out of the handle bars. The rider then controls the bike in the same way that you would control a motorbike, except you do not control the throttle; this comes from the jet ski itself. The handle bars are used to control height and direction. The trick is to get your weight forward, as you cannot fall off the front of the Jetovator but only off of the back.

Published in Perdeby Sport

Clint Webster: What do you mean we lost a plane?

This was my reaction upon hearing about the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight. It is difficult to grasp that even in all its ubiquity, technology still isn’t able to find an object as gigantic as a Boeing 777-200ER.

Surely we should have located the Boeing by now, equipped with its indestructible black box, its transponder-ma-jig and all other aviation tools that were technologically groundbreaking in the 1940s. But how exactly do these devices work?

Published in Varsity Opinion

Robyn Kyrk: Social media has made connecting with people really simple and easy but what if you don’t really feel like bumping into your crazy ex the next time you step out?

Responding to the need for people to avoid each other at times, a new mobile phone app called ‘Split’, was released last week. The app makes use of information from social media websites, using geo-location data, to alert the user when someone they are trying to avoid is within their vicinity.

Published in Vuvuzela News

Our demand for info to be available “right here, right now” at our fingertips and figuratively ‘on hand’ has e-volved to the mobile device with which we just can’t live without.

In this latest issue of 4Ward! Magazine, YOUNG PROFESSIONAL takes a look at how LinkedIn have been e-volving with Go Pro Online and LinkedIn Mobile Apps for iOS & Android

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