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A Messi Tax Affair

Tuesday, 12 August 2014 02:33

DEAN HORWITZ: Just two months after winning the Golden Ball at the FIFA World Cup, Lionel Messi is back in the headlines, except this time it’s for all the wrong reasons. Messi and his father, Jorge, stand accused of tax evasion to the tune of 5.3 million dollars, an allegation both of them deny. If found guilty, the player and his father could face up to six years in prison and a hefty fine of up to 32 million dollars. 

Messi and his father were officially charged with tax evasion by the Spanish government in September last year. They, together with Messi’s former agent, were all charged with creating an elaborate scheme to conceal his finances using banks and shell companies in the UK, Uruguay, Switzerland and Belize. The charges allege that false tax returns were submitted in an attempt to defraud the Spanish Government of more than three million dollars between 2006 and 2009.

ADITI HUNMA: What if all Martial Arts sporting codes met for a scrumming session?  Any guesses who the winner would be? 

In mid-April 2014, the UCT Tai Chi Club organised a five day long Martial Arts camp in the open fields of Malmesbury to bring together members of three different Martial Arts Clubs - Tai Chi, Tae Kwondo and Capoeira.    

As sporting codes, they were not all that similar, the first being zen and non-confrontational, the second favouring quick and precise kicks and strikes, and the third challenging the laws of gravity and mirroring a cosmic dance.  As art forms, however, they shared a common ethos based on the values of discipline, respect, humility and tolerance in the face of the ‘other’ or an imminent sign of danger.  In fact, all three proved to be shape-shifters, transforming aggression into a force to deflect, absorb or re-direct elsewhere.  For Tai Chi Coach, Peter Williamson, most of the arts gravitate around being centred, neither attacking nor withdrawing but going with the flow of a moving meditation. 

FANIE VAN ZYL: Jose Mourinho boisterously celebrated Willian's breakaway goal that sealed a 2-0 victory over Liverpool at Anfield. It was a major blow to Liverpool's hopes of winning a first League title since 1990, but it was another great triumph for Mourinho and his brand of football that is best described as cautious. It was not the first time the former Real Madrid manager had achieved a crucial victory despite the opposition dominating possession, and he has come in for all sorts of criticism for his approach. But is this approach ruining the game or is it simply another way of playing “the beautiful game”?

UCT’S Motorsport Guru

Tuesday, 29 April 2014 08:01

MARK NANDI: Meet Aidan De Nobrega, a UCT student studying Bachelor of Business Science, Computer Science and a guru when it comes to all things motor racing. VARSITY recently caught up with Aidan for a small Q&A session about his motorsport adventures thus far.


Tuesday, 29 April 2014 07:54

MARK NANDI: The now famous twitter “hash tag” has proven to be quite a powerful tool when it comes to social media ranting. And unsparingly, disgruntled Manchester United fans have utilised this tool to highlight what their perception of United manager-or rather former-has been. Hashtag “MoyesOut” has transformed into a war cry and finally the disgruntled crowds may have found peace within.

UCT’s athletes take on the Two Oceans

Tuesday, 29 April 2014 07:42

LEIGH BARROW: After months of training, the UCT Athletics Club’s (UCTAC) distance athletes finally had the chance to compete in the biggest race of the year – The Two Oceans – on Saturday the 19th of April. Finishing on UCT’s very own Green Mile, it only seems fitting that this be the ultimate racing event for an Ikey runner. The fantastic 2014 results are testament to the well-organized event, dedicated supporters, and commitment from the athletes, who have, after all, been training for the race ever since they finished it last year.

Nicole O'Neill: “Crossfitters be like – what are gains?” “Crossfit? No thanks, we do real pull ups.” “My boyfriend lost his gains in Crossfit, and now I have a girlfriend.” These are some of the many jokes that can be heard in the banter between Crossfitters and non-Crossfitters – one of the many things I love about this unique, dynamic and community-based sport.

To walk 1000 miles

Tuesday, 22 April 2014 01:00

Clare Garrard: There is a well-quoted figure of 10 000 steps as the magic number of steps that a person should walk everyday in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get enough exercise.

Now, that sounds like quite a lot of steps, but as I set out to measure the number of steps it took me to walk from one end of University Avenue to the other, I realized just how quickly they accumulated.

Transformation: Taking It A Step Too Far

Tuesday, 22 April 2014 01:00

Saadiq Samodien: Don’t mess with a winning formula.

It seems that minister of Sports Fikile Mbalula does not understand this. He recently threatened to withdraw funds from sport teams if they do not fulfill the 60% black representational quota. This was made with particular reference to sports such as cricket, rugby, netball, athletics and soccer.

Yoga hell

Tuesday, 22 April 2014 01:00

Parusha Naidoo: It may seem ludicrous, even a little insane, to willingly walk into a room that’s set at a temperature of 40 degrees and the humidity at 40%. However, the true insanity is when you willingly spend 90 minutes in the very same room stretching every inch of your body... But there is method in the madness of hot yoga.

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