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Thursday, 26 April 2012 12:50

UCT Sport Shorts

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UCT Sport Shorts Image: Samantha Newdigate

Nicole Beale: Keep up to date with the exciting news of UCT sports with our roundup of recent happenings.


The Internal Hockey League started the season off smoothly with more teams taking part this year compared to last year. About 30 teams altogether (roughly 16 women’s teams and 14 men’s teams) are participating.

With more spectators than ever, it all the teams are going for the win this season. Current men’s champions, The Mavericks, drew with the Claredon Cobras, while the Average Joes, last year’s runners up won 8–2 against Ikhaya. On the ladies side, title holders Ayoba! won 9–0 against FemSH. Mark Leshnick, the Head of the Internal Hockey League Committee, states that “the goal is to continue to expand, attracting more and more participation, not just from the players but from the spectators on the side.”

An Internal Inter-Varsity League game between UCT and Stellenbosch will be played by the best men’s and ladies internal teams later in the year.

Tai Chi
The Tai Chi Society is hosting a five-day camp in Betty’s Bay from the 27th of April. With an exciting agenda of intensive Tai Chi practice and hikes, the society guarantees a weekend of fun, action and zen. With the option to attend the full five days or a half package of three days, UCT Tai Chi encourages interested students to join in on their trip. For more information and for package rates, contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The UCT Football Club began it’s season with both men’s teams playing against Glendene in the Cape District Football Association league. The first team, playing in the Premier League, ran out 3-1 winners with Navern Naidoo, Wisy Namaseb and Justin Massimo Alberti scoring for UCT. The men’s second team lost 5-2.

The women’s A team, playing against a strong Vasco da Gama team in the CTTFA league  won 1-0, but the B team were thrashed 1-6 by the Durbanville women.

UCT Football is launching  their weekly sessions, known as “Wednesday Night Football”, with games held on the Kopano Astroturf on Wednesdays, starting from April 25th. Spectators can watch the women’s 1st team at 7pm and the men’s first team at 8:30pm. Students are invited to attend the tournament and come support the Ikey Football Club.

The UCT Aikido club has begun emphasizing their weekly training sessions in an effort to get students to fold away their rugby shorts and migrate inside in preparation for winter. Aikido, translated as “Way of harmonious spirit” is a Japanese martial art in which practitioners, known as aikidoka learn skills that they can use to defend themselves while also protecting their attacker from injury.

The club charges R250 per annum, and training sessions for all levels are held throughout the week with a weapons training session held on Sunday. You do not have to be in exceptional physical shape when you start Aikido, because it is one of the purposes of Aikido to become fit. 

UCT Yacht Club has hit the new year with a bang and continues to lead the way into another arena of South Africa’s wind-water sports: development windsurfing. The UCT Yacht Club Development Windsurfing Programme, which was founded in 2008 by Steven Rhodes, has been granted sponsorship from the National Lottery Development Trust Fund (NLDTF), allowing the club to improve the standard of instruction offered to the learners that form part of the programme, all of whom come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds (attending high school in Khayelitsha) and form part of a larger sports club managed by Nceda George.

On a monthly basis 11 learners are provided with transport to UCT Yacht Club at Zeekoevlei. Once there, learners are met by four UCTYC instructors and are taken through the day’s lessons. Each session is advertised to club members and volunteers get involved by preparing food and distributing life-jackets and wetsuits. The most recent activities have been held in light winds, giving learners time to gain confidence in the water and the wind. Some have shown great promise, and it will be exciting to see their progress in more breeze.

By next year UCT Yacht Club aims to see the best performing learners participating in local competitions and a milestone would be representation at the Langebaan Downwind Dash. The coming months will be eventful and exciting as learners improve their skills and the club looks forward to growth of the programme. Anyone that is interested in getting involved is more than welcome to contact the club by emailing  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

With conributions from Jodi Edmunds, Aditi Hunma, Samantha Newdigate, and Michael Ovenstone.

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