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The internet has done many beautiful things for us in the 21st century.

One of the things that come to mind is when I can search a name that a journalist wrote down in an article to check that it’s spelt right. Spelling of names, you see, is part of being accurate – which is fundamental when writing articles. Well, I’m sad to admit that some of our writers don’t understand this concept. But there’s no need for alarm. We are teaching them the ways. Slowly but surely, just like a sensei teaches his karate kid.

There is this unknown phenomenon at university.

I like to call it the mid-semester slump. See, there are two in every year. One per semester – blame students for what you will, but favouritism is not one of our vices.

There are certain things in this world you just expect. You expect BA students to be the people lying on the grass near the HB. You expect first years to mess up the Fego line and you expect campus to get quieter as the semester progresses.

Well, everything we expect doesn’t always happen. I, for one, expected there to be streakers at Varsity Cup matches. I have been very disappointed.

Margeaux Erasmus: When information is withheld or not found, truth is lost.

We all remember RAG weekend, with the SMS system and UP Beats that I had a few harsh words to say about. Well, turns out the SMS system was the university’s decision and not RAG’s decision. I’ve taken a point to mention it in my editorial because it was here where I first spoke out about the changes to RAG. I still stand by what I said about the procession: that I feel like we have lost some of our tradition with the removal of blikskud. I also still stand by my comments about better communication between RAG and students. But I do realise now that the blame was not entirely theirs. 

The Valentines Top Ten

Monday, 11 February 2013 12:00

MAXINE TWADDLE: Love is in the air. Get out the gas masks. Seriously, Perdeby loves flowers and chocolates and presents but we also love a touch of class. The rule is: if you’re going to do a soppy and romantic Valentine’s Day, do it properly. Here is Perdeby’s top ten of what not to do for Valentine’s Day.

MARGEAUX ERASMUS: Congratulations, if you’re reading this you survived RAG weekend. Or what was left of it at least.

The year started off with quite a bit of confusion. Especially for seniors who are used to starting the year with UP Beats on Friday and the procession on the Saturday of RAG weekend. This year, however, things were different.

For the past two years we’ve run articles about the future of RAG, and time and again we were assured that no sudden changes will take place and that RAG’s existence is not at stake. This year things seem to have changed.

The Top 10

Saturday, 26 January 2013 05:15

MARGEAUX ERASMUS: This is Perdeby’s Top 10, a place where you can find invaluable advice throughout the year. 2013’s first Top 10 lists certain mishaps almost every first year goes through when they start university. Here are the top 10 don’ts for first years:

10. Dye your hair luminous pink.
Radical hair colour may seem like the perfect way to be that new you, but some colours just weren’t meant to match the human complexion. Not to mention the effects it can have on your locks. If your hair is turning to grass, maybe it’s time to return to more natural shades.

Hello my name is, nice to meet you.

Saturday, 26 January 2013 05:00

Margeaux Erasmus: There is one fear almost everyone has: living a meaningless life that is forgotten quicker than saying supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Now before you put this paper down for fear of some existential rant, rest assured that this editorial isn’t running backwards down that dark path.

University life, however, can be one of the first places to truly hone your personality and leave traces of yourself behind, but not in a weird, masochistic kind of way. This is the place where lifelong friendships are formed and where you will (hopefully) discover your niche in life.

Message from the Perdeby Editor-in-Chief

Saturday, 26 January 2013 00:00

Carel Willemse: Welcome to the start of real life. Isn’t that what most people would say to a first-year student?

Truth be told, your high school years will fade into obscurity in comparison to the life lessons you will acquire over the next three to four years. But even this will only serve as a foundation to life after the fun and games of university.


Saturday, 26 January 2013 00:00

A fact that you’ll quickly learn at Tuks is that students who live in res and are part of day houses belong to their own species. They’re all animals distinguished by their bright and scary colours and exhibit territorial and ravenous behaviour. Thankfully, Pssst… has been tracking them all for years and can help make sense of their behaviour.

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