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Monday, 14 May 2012 11:27

I don’t want to torque about it

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I don’t want to torque about it Image: Sam Newdigate

Sam Newdigate: UCT's traffic department is one of the most feared bodies on campus.

I’m a good person. Not overly good, but good enough. I smile at strangers and thank the Jammie driver and hold the library door if someone is close enough behind me and even go so far as to correctly use those colour-coded recycling bins. Unfortunately that pink, rectangular slip taped onto my car window didn’t quite seem to agree.

Between July 2010 and June 2011 traffic officers and the metro police issued a total of 2 007 621 traffic fines. That is more than 5000 fines a day for over a year. And non-moving violations have racked up R36 million in fines. 

UCT has its own rules in the way of traffic. To park anywhere on UCT property, you are going to need a parking disk. These disks can be bought for an annual or daily fee and come in six dazzling (well, not exactly) colours!

UCT’s traffic department is one of the most feared bodies on campus. Ask around and you will certainly find at least one friend who has been in a rush to do something on campus. They probably parked sneakily between 100s of other cars on campus. But they’ll be walking to their car and, sure enough, a taunting little parking slip will be fluttering on their window in a light, mocking breeze.

So there I was, next to my beloved vehicle, slightly dismayed at having to fork out R300, slightly impressed at the efficiency of the traffic department and slightly angered at the sticky remains of the tape that will no doubt be on my window for a while. It was then that I decided that I’ll be walking to lectures for a while; quite frankly I’m a little tired of tires.

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