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Being broke is a staple of student life. The diet of energy bars and two-minute-noodles is practically mandatory for anyone getting a degree.

But what is the craziest thing you would do to get your hands on some cash? Wits Vuvuzela asked Witsies around campus.

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#Teamvuvu #Neknominated

Written by Monday, 10 February 2014 08:33

Pheladi Sethusa: The Wits Vuvuzela team (#teamvuvu), was challenged in a #NekNomination from Wapad, the student publication of the North West University. We had 24 hours to take on the challenge of making a difference and recording it.

OPINION: We the disabled, the invisible

Written by Friday, 20 September 2013 08:30

Leigh-Ann Carey: THE ISSUE of disabilities has always been a sore point for the university and, barring a few extraordinary individuals, it has been treated with reluctance and a measure of reservation.

Everybody in management knows how to talk the talk to impress university stakeholders and guests. But the reality is much different.

OPINION: The great Alex Ferguson rule

Written by Friday, 20 September 2013 08:27

Jamie Mighti: SOUTH Africa is a strange country, where the level of sports excellence is hilariously inconsistent. On the one hand, Bafana Bafana keep losing games and can only dream of the World Cup, while in contrast the cricket and rugby teams rank amongst the best in the world.

The answer can be found in Sir Alex Ferguson, the greatest coach of all time. The answer to how to create a Wits that ranks in the top 100 universities lies in the Alex Ferguson rule.

OPINION: Politics does matter

Written by Friday, 20 September 2013 08:21

Pearl Pillay: OVER THE past few weeks, the hills of Wits have come alive with the sound of democracy.

“Elections” seems to be the buzzword on campus of late. Whether it be clubs and societies, house committees or (my personal favourite) SRC elections, students have come out in their numbers to honour the democratic process and make their voices heard.

Caro Malherbe: Beautifully articulated and embedded within the South African Bill of Rights lies the right to freedom of expression by individuals and by the press.

Pheladi Sethusa and Mia Swart: Public holidays are an issue of contention in South Africa. Some religious groups feel that they are being discriminated against and their public holidays are not fairly represented.

Wits Vuvuzela asked Witsies for their thoughts on the matter.

Pheladi Sethusa: “I’m not convinced that relationships between students and staff should be off bounds,” said speaker Eusebius McKaiser at a talk yesterday afternoon at the Wits Theatre Complex.

McKaiser was addressing the topic of  “student-staff intimacy: a requirement of effective teaching or a danger in a violent society?”

Pheladi Sethusa: Wits Vuvuzela went around campus to ask students if they felt that the media coverage of the apparently illegal Gupta landing at the Waterkloof Air Force Base, was warranted. We also asked for their personal thoughts on the landing.

Lomo walk in the city

Written by Tuesday, 09 April 2013 10:17

Wits Vuvuzela journalist Pheladi Sethusa participated in a photo walk hosted by the Lomography Embassy store in Braamfontein this past weekend.

The idea behind the walk is for participants to hire out a lomography camera for R180, then go out and take photo’s. When you hire a camera you get to keep your film. You could bring your own camera and only pay R150 for the walk.

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