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Surviving Oppikoppi 2014

Sunday, 03 August 2014 11:46

CHRISTINA SCHILD: It’s commonly described as one of the most raucous, dirty festivals around – welcome to the twentieth anniversary of Oppikoppi.  While the theme, Odyssey, may be after one of the great classic pieces of literature, there will hardly be anything classy about your Oppi experience. Prepare to be dirty, swallow more dust than you thought possible, make friends with anyone who speaks and to dance your heart out.  To get you started on your path to greatness, here are a few tips to survive Oppikoppi 2014.

Don’t be a dust bunny
Wet wipes are going to become your best friend, perhaps more loved than first drink and last Panado. The Oppi dust will literally stick your skin, blocking your pores and taking away all sexy feelings.  Another way to combat the dust, fashion yourself a sort of face mask.  Surgical masks seem to be a common choice, but why not shake things up and lug around a gas mask?

Fest in Review: Piet se Optelgoed

Saturday, 05 July 2014 06:28

CHRISTINA SCHILD: You might not actually understand the meaning behind Piet se Optelgoed, but maybe that is the whole point.  Without much comprehensible dialogue, the two ‘man’ play is set against a backdrop of black bags, large paper coverings and an eerie clothes line.

Liezl de Kock gives a confident, comfortable performance as a deranged, revenge-hungry woman gleefully enjoying her unsettling existence in society.  With an unidentified companion, who brings her interesting meals, she leads the audience from laughter to a somewhat shocked silence.  This is heightened by the audio which enhances the emotion of the moment and is at times discordant.

The Best of Fest 2014

Thursday, 03 July 2014 01:30

CHRISTINA SCHILD: The Great Field has been closed off and exams forgotten; the National Arts Festival is just around the corner. Being the 40th year anniversary, the official programme may be bursting, but there is equally as much on offer in terms of the ‘town’ programme.  From classic comedic acts to face-melting music, be prepared to go big this year.

Here is a personal run-down of our recommended events and the best of Fest.

Foo fighters coming to SA

Monday, 23 June 2014 13:24

SEBASTIAN BURGER: Legendary  rock band The Foo Fighters are headed our way to melt some faces this December in Cape Town and Johannesburg

The award-winning rock group, headed by former Nirvana Drummer and all-round bad-ass Dave Grohl has time and time again blown the music industry awa,y winning the Grammy for best rock album 4 separate times, one time with an album recorded in a garage.

SEBASTIAN BURGER: Hosting a “private party” last Saturday that saw a good amount of regular MONsters popping in for a surprise Jo, the new owner of what used to be monastery is starting to tentatively open the doors of the changing establishment, with a teaser this Saturday that is meant to celebrate the inside renovations of the building and get everyone hyped for the grand re-opening during fest.

New Monastery Teaser

Thursday, 15 May 2014 10:39

SEB BURGER: Hosting a ‘private party’ last Saturday that saw a good amount of regular ‘monsters’ popping in for a surprise jol, the new owners of the former Monastery are opening the venue to the public this weekend. The establishment is in the process of changing its appearance and name, but this Saturday party-goers will get a sneak peak of what is to come. The events this weekend are meant to celebrate the inside renovations of the building and get everyone hyped for the grand re-opening during fest.

Streaming is believing

Friday, 25 April 2014 05:55

Greg Roxburgh & Tayla Sellschop: Students everywhere are always looking for new music, many turning online. But which sites are the most legitimate and give the best quality of searchable and downloadable audio? Here’s a look at the top sites taking over.

Local Band Gets Signed

Sunday, 13 April 2014 13:23

SebBurge: Grahamstown’s own hard rock, pop-punk band Those Days Are Gone (TDAG), is set for success after recently signing with independent label SilverCup Records.  Despite negotiations having already begun late last year, reshuffling in the company and negotiations halted the process slightly but the band is “very happy with the outcome.”

Both the band and the label having being founded in 2013, the relative youth of the duo was what made TDAG particularly excited to join the label, to be a part of their plans for the future from the start. These plans include a United Kingdom tour later this year.  It was their mission to ensure a band’s full creative control over their content, which won TDAG over and convinced them to be a part of the label.

Veranda Panda brings midweek madness

Monday, 31 March 2014 04:36

Christina Schild: Durban-based electronic duo, Veranda Panda lured Rhodents out for an energy-filled Wednesday night at Prime Nightclub, greeting them with a mid-week bass, dubstep and electric violin smack in the face.

Hosted by MixLab – organisers behind monthly events at alternating venues – Veranda Panda were supported by acts who all played at the recent Tunnel Vision Fest (Tunnels). Partiers were treated to the likes of Clinixx, Von Dirty-DJ and Finger 6ix – resulting in enough drum and bass to last until the weekend.

Loyiso Gxothiwe: Kyle Robinson, a Rhodes Journalism graduate, and his all-local production team presented their proudly Grahamstonian project, a short film titled ‘Finding Graham’s Town’, at the Rat & Parrot Pub on Thursday 27 March.

The film screening was hosted by the Rhodes Organisation for Animal Rights (ROAR) to help raise funds for the Makana Donkey Association.

Finding Graham’s Town is a satirical short film centred on the founders of Grahamstown travelling to the modern Grahamstown to change the history of the town. The film features Lieutenant-Colonel Graham, Officer Wilshire and Chief Makana – figures to which the town’s origins have been linked. The three historical figures are played by Rhodes students, Chad Emslie, Mike Da Silva and Masixole Heshu.

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