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LISA KAHIMBAARA: Hailing from Johannesburg, Strike in Berlin have an infectious and distinct indie-electro pop sound. They have also recently been announced as one of the ten finalists in the annual Converse Get Out of the Garage competition that has produced the likes of Matthew Mole. Perdebychatted to Martin, the man behind the keyboard and electronics while also making up one half of the vocal duo, about the exciting news as well as their future plans. 

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JOHAN SAAYMAN: Politicians are corrupt, war is looming over America, the education system ruins our children and big corporations are destroying the morals of society. These are the statements an average American punk-rock band grinds into their music to a point of redundancy, but multi-award winning punk-rock band Rise Against also believes that the power of love and acoustic music is equally as powerful as thick drum lines and roaring bass guitars.

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NOMATTER NDEBELE: Malian music, African archeology, arts and culture came to together at the Wits Origins Centre on Tuesday night to celebrate the history of the Sahara, in the first collaboration of its kind.

Armed with an acoustic guitar, Malian musician Vieux Farak Toure helped to bring northern and southern Africa archeology together as his performed at the opening of the Sahara exhibition.

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MICHAL-MARÉ LINDEN: This past week saw the release of GoodLuck’s third single from their popular second album Creatures of the Night.

The song, entitled “What would we be without each other”, was written with a social message in mind which fostered GoodLuck’s new social campaign. The campaign hopes to promote the idea of thanking those around you that play a role in making your life by creating a video message dedicated to that person and posting it online.

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MICHAL-MARÉ LINDEN: The beginning of July marked the start of The Songbird Tour – an interesting new programme that is not just about entertainment but also the mentorship and upliftment of local talent. Non-profit organisation Africa Voices Trust, which aims to grow young African musicians from disadvantaged backgrounds through practical skills and knowledge, has teamed up with Laura Burhenn of Postal Service and The Mynabirds for the tour.

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JOSHUA STEIN: The National Arts Festival always boasts a fine selection of guitar orientated music. This year the line-up is unique with fine guitarists playing music that expands out of the usual focus on jazz with the excitement around the Patlansky/Frost concert on 11 July building.

CHRISTINA SCHILD: The Great Field has been closed off and exams forgotten; the National Arts Festival is just around the corner. Being the 40th year anniversary, the official programme may be bursting, but there is equally as much on offer in terms of the ‘town’ programme.  From classic comedic acts to face-melting music, be prepared to go big this year.

Here is a personal run-down of our recommended events and the best of Fest.

ELMARIE KRUGER: In 2012, Lucy Kruger sent her debut album out into the risky world of South African music, captivating audiences with expressive songs such as “Heart of stone”. Now, nearly two years later, she has returned with a stellar band to back her wistful vocals on their new self-titled five-track EP. 

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ELMARIE KRUGER: Jack White’s second solo album Lazarettois a treasure chest filled with angry guitar solos and jagged vocals, with some quieter tracks thrown in for contrast’s sake. Lazaretto is a musical odyssey guaranteed to both enchant and bewilder its listeners.

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SEBASTIAN BURGER: Legendary  rock band The Foo Fighters are headed our way to melt some faces this December in Cape Town and Johannesburg

The award-winning rock group, headed by former Nirvana Drummer and all-round bad-ass Dave Grohl has time and time again blown the music industry awa,y winning the Grammy for best rock album 4 separate times, one time with an album recorded in a garage.

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