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MICHAL-MARÉ LINDEN: The Muffinz have become a well-known name on the local music scene. They’re currently busy finishing up their next offering I’m Still Standing and took time out to perform on the HomeComing Picnic Stage at Oppikoppi. Perdeby chatted to Keke and Simz about their progress.

Has there been a development in your sound from your previous albums?
Keke: There is a lot of growth from our first album. With our first album we were still babies in the industry. We knew what we wanted but we were still babies. I think this time around weknow what we want and we’re doing things on our own accord. I think the difference is also that we’re producing it ourselves, the second album. This time around we’re doing things on our own and we’re excited.

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ELMARIE KRUGER: Day three of Oppikoppi Odyssey started out much cloudier than the previous two, but the weather soon cleared up and Oppi-goers dared to venture out of their tents and back to the stages.

However, in addition to the scheduled musical entertainment, the day also provided for amusement in the shape of Oppikoppi’s annual Dustbowl Olympics. This year, the event took the form of a “running of the gods” race. Costumed dustbowl puritans gathered for the event in imaginative (and sometimes ridiculous) attire. At 13:00 a mass of toga-wearing, sword-wielding Spartans and Homeric heroes took off to see who would arise as the victor in this event. One creative contestant arrived accurately dressed as Thor – complete with Mjölnir.

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ELMARIE KRUGER: This September, Taxi Violence will celebrate their tenth birthday. Perdeby sat down with bassist Jason Ling at this year’s Oppikoppi festival to discuss their forthcoming anniversary album.

Oppikoppi commemorates its 20thanniversary this year. What does it mean to the band to be performing at this momentous event?

It’s our ten-year anniversary as a band, so it’s nice to share an anniversary together with someone. It’s their 20th year and our tenth so everyone is celebrating something, which makes it special on both sides.

You’re launching your ten-year anniversary album in September, which is very significant. What does this mean to the band?

It’s a bit like when you read a good book and you reach the end of a nice chapter. It’s the same way for us: not the end of the book, but the end of a good chapter. It sums up what we’ve made through in these ten years. Anyone who’s in a band in South Africa will know that it’s quite tough, it’s hard work and it’s not easy to get recognition and to carry on. So ten years for us is a big thing. It’s an assessment of our friendship as a band.

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MICHAL-MARÉ LINDEN: 2014 has seen the slow release of ChristianTigerSchool’s new album Chrome Tapes. Luc Vermeer, one half of the duo, chatted to Perdeby about their new material.

Your process for releasing the new album has been quite a unique one. Why did you decide on it?

I think we were just really eager to release something but not the full thing. So we thought about it and made [it] into a process so that we could show, in a sense, what we were doing but not the whole thing. I bought a tape machine and I think that’s why we started releasing tapes. It didn’t work. We had to take it to a farm to get all the tapes recorded. So we just decide to release it like that and then possibly release some form of video and then hopefully the full album as well – so, sort of multi-formatted instead of a plain release. We wanted to do something more than that, something a little more involved.

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ELMARIE KRUGER: MonArk’s debut album Negatives is a pop-rock explosion that is certain to inspire its listeners. “Only one”, the album’s opening track, ensures that the record begins strongly and forcefully. This makes the album appealing from the get-go. The band’s latest single “Something” is an excellent follow-up, contributing to the rest of the radio-ready songs on the album. Like the song itself, its video is loaded with meaning, as all of MonArk’s music videos to date have been.

“Build it up” is the band’s second big single and is sure to have fans singing and dancing along in no time while “Smiling”, with its awe-inspiring chorus and imaginative video (directed by Bouwer Bosch) warmed the hearts of many when it first graced South Africa’s airwaves.

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MICHAL-MARÉ LINDEN: For the 20th year in a row, the arid plains of a farm up in Northam were overrun by prawns craving dust, sweet sounds and revelry – nothing less than a guarantee from Oppikoppi. This year’s theme was Odyssey, as South Africa’s biggest music festival celebrated the Greeks and all things classic.

The festival kicked off on Thursday with many of the festivalgoers having arrived early that morning or the day before. The weather was hot and the bands were even hotter. The programme for Thursday was rather laidback and highlights included Wrestlerish, who played one of their last live performances, and Bittereinder. An exciting discovery was Fridge Poetry who played on the small Ray-Ban Top Bar Stage and had people dancing on the tables to their brassy punk sound.

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MICHAL-MARÉ LINDEN: This year’s Oppikoppi lineup showcases 147 different bands. With so much to choose from, missing some performances is an unfortunate necessity. However, there are a number of local acts that would be shameful to miss. One is small, one is old and one consists of industry giants, but all have very specific and good reasons to be included on your festival programme.

Flint, meet Spark
These Tuks students have talent and for the second time this duo will be performing for the dusty masses. Adelle and Josh intertwine their vocal and guitar skills to create beautiful and peaceful melodies. Even if folk music isn’t your thing, it’s cool to support fellow students.

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ELMARIE KRUGER: The 21st annual Kaskarfees took place at NG Universiteitsoord on Friday 25 July. It was an evening of sweat, smiles and sore legs as res-dwellers showed up in large numbers to either take part in the event or to offer support from the sidelines.

Residences had to complete time trials to determine the order in which they would compete during the race. Magrietjie and Boekenhout achieved the fastest times during the time trials in the ladies’ and men’s categories respectively and set off first. The ladies’ residences faced tough competition with Magrietjie managing to stay in the lead. Magrietjie finished first in the race, while Klaradyn and Madelief placed second and third respectively.

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CHRISTINA SCHILD: It’s commonly described as one of the most raucous, dirty festivals around – welcome to the twentieth anniversary of Oppikoppi.  While the theme, Odyssey, may be after one of the great classic pieces of literature, there will hardly be anything classy about your Oppi experience. Prepare to be dirty, swallow more dust than you thought possible, make friends with anyone who speaks and to dance your heart out.  To get you started on your path to greatness, here are a few tips to survive Oppikoppi 2014.

Don’t be a dust bunny
Wet wipes are going to become your best friend, perhaps more loved than first drink and last Panado. The Oppi dust will literally stick your skin, blocking your pores and taking away all sexy feelings.  Another way to combat the dust, fashion yourself a sort of face mask.  Surgical masks seem to be a common choice, but why not shake things up and lug around a gas mask?

LISA KAHIMBAARA: Hailing from Johannesburg, Strike in Berlin have an infectious and distinct indie-electro pop sound. They have also recently been announced as one of the ten finalists in the annual Converse Get Out of the Garage competition that has produced the likes of Matthew Mole. Perdebychatted to Martin, the man behind the keyboard and electronics while also making up one half of the vocal duo, about the exciting news as well as their future plans. 

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