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Durban-based electronic duo, Veranda Panda, were hosted by Mixlab at Prime on the 26th of March and Oppi TV was there to capture the excitement.

ELMARIE KRUGER: Foster the People charmed and captivated us with their happy-go-lucky Grammy-nominated debut album Torches. Their hit single “Pumped up kicks” dominated the airwaves for months, but the band’s sophomore offering Supermodel moves in a very different direction to what fans know.

Foster the People has taken a big risk with Supermodel. The majority of the tracks on the album fight desperately to shift away from the dance-worthy beats and pop-fuelled synths that were present in Torches. However, not all of them succeed.

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JOHAN SAAYMAN: The music of Michael Lesar was thumping in the air around Emarentia dam. The crowd gathered together and droned in a countdown. At 13:00, the first burst of (biodegradable and environmentally friendly) powder covered the setup of the 2014 Johannesburg We Are One Colour Festival.

With the atmosphere eerily united and the music playing loudly, the festival, although smaller than last year, was true to its name in bringing hundreds of people from all over the province – and from even further away – together. With each countdown to the hour, everybody stuffed themselves into the company of the person next to them to indulge in a rain of colour as each person threw a bag-full of powder into the air.

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MICHAL-MARÉ LINDEN: Two years in the making, Basson Laubscher & the Violent Free Peace (of Zinkplaat fame) have finally released their debut EP, Shakedown. A mix of blues, old school rock’n’roll and country, the seven-track EP is inspired by the music of Laubscher’s childhood and focuses heavily on his intricate guitar work.

Typical of the blues, the EP’s instrumental work features simple and familiar chord progressions and extended lead guitar solos. The rhythmical drums lead to the listener foot stomping and the occasional harmonica, mandolin and even harp add a unique twist to songs such as “Swamp thing” and “Cage blues”.

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Sebastian Burger: Beloved South African acoustic rock band, Plush have decided to wrap things up, ending their 17 year career as a band with a final goodbye and farewell to their many fans in the form of ‘the Postcard Tour’.

The band, currently consisting of Rory Eliot (vocals and rhythm guitar), Emelio Gassibe (bass and vocals) and Carl Wegelin (lead guitar and vocals) set out in 1996 to create a sound that was “simple, heartfelt and uplifting” and quickly became one of the most loved local acts in south Africa thanks to their down-to-earth Music.

MICHAL-MARÉ LINDEN: In the early hours of 7 March, Skrillex sneakily dropped something other than the bass. An app called Alien Ride was released on the iTunes App Store and made available for free download. The arcade-style game, which involves an intergalactic mission to destroy asteroids, was revealed to stream Skrillex’s debut studio album Recess.

Recess opens with “All’s fair in love and brostep”, a dub-influenced track somewhat reminiscent of Skrillex’s single “Make it bun dem”. As for dubstep though, that’s where it ends as the rest of the album can only be classified as electronica. Not that this is a bad thing.

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Tendai Dube: THE ORBIT, a sleek new jazz club and bistro, stands out with its frosted glass and bright green wall from the surrounding concrete and face-brick of the neighbouring Braamfontein buildings.

As you approach The Orbit’s transparent doors, you are lured in by the out-of-place music amidst the sound of midday traffic.

Three lovers of jazz music conceived the concept of a jazz club in the middle of the city. Aymeric Péguillan, Dan Sermand and Kevin Naidoo said they wanted to create a platform for creative expression for jazz musicians in Johannesburg.

The Orbit is devoted to contributing to the development and refurbishment of the performing arts in Johannesburg and has entered a partnership with the University of Witwaterand’s music department.

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Roxanne Brown: Jozi based rock ‘n roll band Shadowclub graced a Grahamstown stage at the Union on Saturday 15 March, with crowds swelling and bouncing as they banged their heads to the band’s heavy bluesy rock.

The crowd trickled in slow and steady, with anything and everything from hipsters to die-hard fans of the bands set to perform.  Starting off the night was Fishwives, with their slightly eccentric but still refined atmosphere that had the wide variety of spectators softly swaying to the music.

LIZL LOMBAARD and MICHAL-MARE LINDEN interview Taxi Violence, Gangs of Ballet, Black Market Riots and Man as Machine at Ramfast in Gauteng over the weekend

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Sebastian Burger: Lit by a solitary light at the front of the stage, Gary Thomas once again took the stage at the Lowlander on Friday, 21 February, captivating the crowd with his reverberating folk sound.

Marking the fifth stop in his country wide tour, the Lowlander gig saw the cosy environment filled with his enchantinglyrics as he belted out work from his new album, “My Memory’s Death”.  The album consists of an EP that was released a while back and many B-sides from his career as a musician. It is partly what he describes as “a rock opera thing of thinginess”.

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