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You were nominated in multiple Sama categories. What does winning mean to you?
I could answer this with the typical: “Just being nominated was enough for me, winning would just be a bonus,” which as I think about it now is actually true. Clichés are cliché because they’re true. I didn’t expect to be nominated at all, and winning for “Best Alternative” was a blessing for me. That’s the one I really wanted. That’s the outsider’s award.

To answer your question simply: winning is nice, it makes you feel all warm inside. Once you’re nominated your mind goes straight to the possible win, which can be dangerous because there are more chances you’ll lose than win.

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MICHAL-MARÉ LINDEN: Local blues legend Dan Patlansky headed back to the studio at the beginning of this year to record his latest offering Dear Silence Thieves. With Patlansky embarking on his album launch tour, Perdeby spoke to him exclusively about his seventh album and his plans for the rest of the year.

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MAXINE TWADDLE: Asking Alexandria may not be a name you’re familiar with, especially if you’re not a metal fan. After the short South African leg of the British band’s From Death to Destiny tour, however, local music fans won’t easily forget Asking Alexandria. 

The band performed in Stellenbosch on 2 May and in Johannesburg on 3 May. They were supported at both gigs by local metal band Facing the Gallows.

Facing the Gallows proved to be a great choice for a support act. They did what any good support act should do and got the crowd – which had previously been somewhat disinterested – amped up. The band’s short set was well-received and was clearly influenced by Asking Alexendria. They matched the international band’s standard and were confident in their performance.

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Chelsea Haith: On their third tour to Cape Town, Grahamstown local hard rock act Shackles and Bones are looking forward to three days in the Mother City. The tour runs from 1-5 May and will comprise of two gigs, one at  Zula Bar, the other at Obviouzly Armchair on 2 and 3 May respectively as the band will be travelling on 1 and 5 May.

LIZL LOMBAARD: Like all music festival lovers know, the only bad part of attending a music festival is the post festival depression which hits you like a very bad hangover once you have returned to reality. It’s a bittersweet feeling infused with a hint of nostalgia and anticipation for next year's festival.

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Greg Roxburgh & Tayla Sellschop: Students everywhere are always looking for new music, many turning online. But which sites are the most legitimate and give the best quality of searchable and downloadable audio? Here’s a look at the top sites taking over.

Chelsea Haith: Playing at Champs Action Bar, Grahamstown on 19 April singer/songwriter Michael Lowman is working his way into the South African consciousness with guitar skills described as 'panty-dropping' and several charted hits including Your Lovin' Ain't Right and Girl Saves Boy.

His debut album Crayon Boxes was nominated for a SAMA in the 'Best Adult Contemporary Album' category and Lowman earning an MK Award nomination for 'Best Newcomer'. Lowman will be touring South Africa with Tori Amos in June and July this year.

Leila Stein: Ending off the first term of 2014 Monastery hosted DJ Das Kapital. As one of South Africa’s premier DJ’s, he has played at almost every festival in South Africa. Most recently he has drawn attention, not as Das Kapital but rather through his new charity fund, the Kyle Brinkmann South African National Cleavage Day Breast Cancer Survivor Project.

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MICHAL-MARÉ LINDEN: To metalcore fans around the world, Asking Alexandria is anything but an unfamiliar name. With three albums and multiple international tours already completed, this five-piece band from York, England, will perform two much anticipated concerts in South Africa in early May. Ahead of their trip, Perdeby chatted with Ben Bruce, lead guitarist and original founding member of Asking Alexandria, about their latest news and possible space travel.

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The 13th annual Ghoema music awards were held on Sunday, 13 April 2014 at the Big Top Arena at Carnival City. The event is a celebration in honour of the Afrikaans language and its achievements through music.

Apart from the award ceremony itself, the night also saw performances by some of South Africa’s top artists, including Corlea Botha, Elvis Blue, Joshua na die Reen, Jay, Kurt Darren and Riana Nel.

The night saw an atmosphere of excitement and honour as the winners for each category were presented with their awards. The ceremony was concluded with Corlea Botha’s song, Black Coffee.

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