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LIESE-MARIE HEYNS: South Africans are moving away from traditional news sources and are accessing news from a variety of online media, and UP students are following suit. In a campus survey conducted by Perdeby, 51% of students said that they access news from digital platforms, while only 16% still read newspapers.

Born free and now free to vote in 2014

Written by Tuesday, 15 April 2014 19:55

JOANÉ OLIVIER AND ORENEILE TSHETLO: This year people born around the end of apartheid will be able to vote for the first time.

The amount of young people actively involved in politics indicates that the youth vote will have a great impact and make a large contribution to the upcoming elections, SRC Deputy President Taymoon Altamash told Perdeby. Rochelle Oosthuyse, chairperson of AfriForum Youth, feels that because the born free generation is more integrated and informed than previous generations, voters may make their decisions based on the way they want the country to develop rather than “historical facts and influences”. Prof. Bernard Bekink, professor of public law at UP and attorney of the High Court of South Africa, believes that although the born free generation will influence the upcoming elections, the extent of this will “depend on their commitment to make an effort, as they should, to go out and vote on election day”.

CRAIG HORRMANN: Extension courses are viewed differently by different people and just as they have their pros, they also have their cons. Is it worth prolonging your studies, keeping in mind the ever-rising costs of further education, to get the degree you want?

NAISARGI PATEL: It is a natural instinct for humans to associate physical appearance with certain qualities. Good looks and physical appeal is usually equated with intelligence. Professors, lecturers and tutors are judged on their looks when the question of teaching ability is raised. Sometimes it seems that the more attractive the lecturer or tutor is, the fuller the classes get and the earlier the students seem to settle down.

LIZL LOMBAARD AND TIISETSO TSOSANE: With Freedom Day just around the corner, it is important to ask how much freedom of expression South African artists and entertainers are allowed today 20 years after South Africa’s first democratic election.

Everybody remembers the great uproar in 2012 over The Spear painting, in which artist Brett Murray depicted President Jacob Zuma’s exposed genitals. This satirical piece was intended to be a comment on the state of the country and spark discussion among the people of South Africa. However, it generated a lot of criticism from ANC supporters and the ruling party itself, who saw the painting as a personal attack on the president and labelled it demeaning, racist and a violation of his dignity. Civil rights groups, however, argued that there was a place for freedom of expression in the new South Africa.

The medical benefits of marijuana have long been debated. Does it help to curb pain? Can chronic weed smoking make you crazy? Can smoking weed become an addiction?

This week’s episode of The Science Inside examines the science of smoking weed. The prospect of weed being made legal in South Africa, the medicinal benefits, its impact on mental illness and how addiction works in the brain are discussed with a number of medical professionals, including psychiatrist Yusef Moosa.

iTook a Photograph

Written by Thursday, 27 March 2014 00:00

Ryno Nortjé: There is something haunting about a well-shot photograph. The composition of a shot with all the elements in the perfect position. The light, reflecting in a way that stirs emotions deep within you. The colours, making the inanimate appear to dance. These things combine to give you access to a moment in time that would otherwise have been lost forever.

Photography as an artform is as beautiful a thing as the eye can encounter. Sadly, our appreciation for true photographic skill is becoming desensitised by popular culture. Our sense of sight is bombarded with selfies or images of people’s lunch. We are missing out on the way Annie Leibovitz skillfully sets up each photograph and the brutally honest depictions James Nachtwey captures to express the turmoil of our world.

[Column] A Bright Spark

Written by Monday, 24 March 2014 13:23

Ruan Scheepers: Let’s just get something straight. I hate small budget cars. I think they are characterless and boring and all of them should be expelled to southern Sudan.  However, this being a student publication with an audience who’s buying power lies with their parents, small cars are genesis because they allow for a lifestyle shift. (Unless you become an accountant, in which case you’ll drive a Golf until you pop out a kid and then feel obliged to ruin the world once again by buying a hideous Asian budget SUV.)

Apps for Students: A starter kit

Written by Wednesday, 12 March 2014 17:19

Sasha Ross and Bracken Lee-Rudolph: Phone applications, or apps, form a large part of daily life, especially for students who have grown up with cellphones and have fully grasped the Android and iOS revolutions. Here are is a list of some of the more useful ones for students.

Leah Solomon: Avoid sounding obviously like a first year and learn this Rhodes lingo.

A – Arb: If you find that you haven’t passed all your subjects and you need a credit to get your degree, look around for ‘arbitrary’ subjects to make up the shortfall. These are usually first-year subjects and are often found in the Humanities.

B – Bot gardens: The Botanical Gardens, found near Eden Grove. If you want some time to yourself, or you and your friends want to chill for a while, you could easily lose yourself for a few hours in the expansive lawns and trees.

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