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Monday, 14 May 2012 08:08

Students take part in 10 000 mile rally for charity

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FRANCOIS VAN DER WESTHUIZEN: Three former Tuks students and one current Tuks student will be taking part in the Mongol Rally on 14 July this year. They will be travelling from London to Ulan Bator in Mongolia to raise money for the Lotus Children charity and Project Rhino KZN. They are aiming to film the entire adventure in hopes of completing a full-feature documentary.

The participants of the Mongol Rally are only allowed to make use of a vehicle with an engine size of approximately one litre and the teams will have to take on some of the worst roads in the world. The team will be driving a 1.3 litre Daihatsu Terios to the finish line in Mongolia.

Shane van Breda, a final-year MSc Biochemistry student, is one of the founding members of the team. Van Breda told Perdeby, “I was talking to a friend of mine about how life lacks adventure and how everyday is the same routine. He started telling me about the Mongol Rally and I was totally sold. This is what I needed, the lust for adventure.” Van Breda said, “I followed up on the Mongol Rally, put together a team and now we are going.”

The other team members are Waldo Buchner, a former BA Information Design student, Damon Civin, a former BSc and MSc Applied Mathematics student and Meline Joaris, a former BSc and BVSc Veterinary Science student. The team aims to raise £500 for the Lotus Children charity and another £500 for Project Rhino KZN.

Van Breda said, “Currently we are funding ourselves. We have all saved enough money for the event. However we are [looking] for sponsorships to help us fund our trip by offering them advertising on our car, Facebook page, Twitter profile, website and of course our film, once it is released.”

Van Breda said that if Tuks students want to make a donation, they can like their Facebook page, which has all the links to their fundraising platforms and websites with all of the relevant information.

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