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PORTIA KOBUE: Teecee Boley is new to Johannesburg and to Wits University. She arrived from Liberia six months ago and is still adjusting to her new surroundings and the local cuisine of South Africa. Portia Kobue helps Boley find traditional Liberian food in the city of gold.

Gathering up her greens in a fork, Tecee Boley’s face exudes a sense of contentment. This is her first Liberian meal since she arrived in South Africa in February.

Published in Vuvuzela News

BOIPELO BOIKHUTSO: TuksMonate, the new dining hall at the university’s Hillcrest residences, was officially opened last Tuesday evening.

Prof. Themba Mosia, the vice-principal of Student Affairs and Residence Affairs and Accommodation, welcomed the guests. Prof. Mosia said that he is excited about the dining hall and its facilities, describing it as being “modern and world class” and added that the late Prof. Roelf Visser was dedicated to the project.

Peter Martin, the deputy director of TuksRes Food Services, said that the project to open TuksMonate started in 2006 and the aim was to give students a balanced meal and to change the booking system, which became a problem when students did not collect their booked items. Martin also noted that by implementing one dining hall, students were encouraged to interact with each other. The dining hall caters for approximately 2 000 students. Martin also spoke about the importance of service delivery, which includes better quality control and a bigger space which allows students to enjoy a “complete dining experience”.

Published in Perdeby News

PERCY MATSHOBA: Clashing colour pallets, unconventional paintings and purposeful misspellings on the wall are a few of the things that catch your eye when you enter Anti-Est.

Braamfontein’s newest hotspot, located on the trendy Juta Street, aims to enforce the concepts of ‘unlearning’, free thinking and originality. 

Published in Vuvuzela News

Jena Ascough: Thanks to my family, I’ve been through it all. I’ve been through periods of carb-loading during Pick ‘n Pay Argus season where we’d have spaghetti bolognaise for four nights a week. I’ve been through dinner conversations about how important it is to cut the fat off your meat. And I’ve been through endless lectures about how important it is to eat “balanced” meals that include carbohydrates, protein and fat (except for fat, of course).

Published in Varsity Opinion

Shannon Krausey: Dandelion root coffee has been hailed as a miracle cure for anything from liver disease to cancer. While there is almost no medical proof, hundreds of herbalists swear by it and are sharing their recipes on the internet. I put the recipes to the test to see if this plant could indeed curb my coffee cravings.

Dandelion coffee has only recently gained popularity, but people have been making it since the 1850s, both for health reasons and as a cheap coffee substitute.

Published in Varsity Features

Anna Insam: A sweet potato is known to be high in Vitamin B6, which ultimately helps prevent heart attacks.  They contain iron and are a good source of magnesium, which both play a role in resistance to stress and its dreaded side-effects.  Although they taste sweet, they won’t spike your blood sugar either – their natural sugars are slowly released into the blood stream, making them ideal study pals for when test week strikes.  One medium purple sweet potato holds a mere 103 calories, proving that these veggies need to grace your presence very soon!

Published in Varsity Features

Megan Thomas: UCT students enjoy their drinking. We need only take a moment to reflect on the various societies that meet under the pseudonym of a sport or cultural event who proceed to get mindlessly drunk at their “meets”. Such activities are not entirely pointless: they unite people and vastly extend the number of people they encounter at university.

Published in Varsity Opinion

LUSANDA FUTSHANE: Every town holds its secrets: routes that get you around traffic jams, hand signs that make using the taxi system simple and violence-free, and places to go to avoid tourist crowds around the holiday months. Sadly, to learn any of these things about any particular city one needs to have lived there for a while. But fret not because this time Perdeby is breaking the code and presenting you with a few unique restaurants in Pretoria that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Published in Perdeby Entertainment

LUSANDA FUTSHANE: Partying is an exciting part of student life. But as a first-year, you often don’t know the best places to go for your specific nightlife needs. Pretoria is full of all kinds of hotspots and they all tend to satisfy a particular partying urge. From live music venues to lazy Sunday wind downs, you can find a watering hole for your every mood just a stone’s throw away.

Published in Perdeby Entertainment

Nontobeko Gumede: As Rhodents we all enjoy our fair share of partying whether it involves drinking or the simple social gathering but some of us are not as out-going as others. If you have trouble striking up a conversation with other party guests because of a little stage fright then you definitely need some encouragement to help the life flow right out of you making you the focus of the party.

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