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ADAM KLEINSCHMIDT: Anyone with half a brain knows that messing about with nuclear material is a bad idea. A nuclear physicist could tell you more. Owing to the fact that unbridled nuclear plants and bombs have catastrophic effects on the surrounding environment, atomic material gets a little chaotic when messed with.

The recent R1 trillion deal with the Russian Federation has made headlines and plans to build a new power plant to reduce reliance on coal has come under fire from opposition parties, western governments, and the media. All parties are alarmed at this surprising new turn of events.

Published in Varsity Opinion

DYLAN FLOWERDAY: At a meeting hosted by the Anti-Racism Forum (ARF) at Tuks on Tuesday 9 September Sasco, ANCYL, EFF Tuks, Up and Out, Young Communist League (YCL) and the Muslim Student Association (MSA) Tuks discussed issues of racism and transformation at the university.

Although the political societies dismissed any talk of a possible coalition in the future, they reiterated that they are all committed to working together to achieve the same goal, which is fighting racism and ensuring transformation at UP. Alfred Moraka from the ARF called on the political societies “to come together and discuss common issues” affecting students at UP.

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MAXINE TWADDLE: A video commissioned by the South African Human Rights Commission has cast doubt on the testimony of police of the events leading up to Marikana, The Times has reported.

The video, which was produced by TiNT Post, portrays the events in chronological order and each frame has a timestamp to prove this.

Stills in the video, which were taken ten minutes before the police opened fire on striking miners, shows barbed wire laid out by police after the miners had moved towards a road leading to Nkaneng. The video indicates that the strikers would not have had time to attack the police, as the police testified.

Published in Perdeby News

ARON HYMAN: EFF Tuks will contest the 2014/2015 SRC elections. According to EFF Tuks, the decision to participate was unanimous within the organisation and is supported by the national party.

EFF Tuks secretary Jaco Oelofse says that the EFF Tuks-backed candidates “are committed to radical change”.

“We believe that this university is the last battleground for racism. We can still win the battle against racism, where we can still make a dent in white supremacy. We want to tackle the roots of racism here at this university,” Oelofse said.

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SAARA MOWLANA: Famous for his satirical comic caricatures of political figures, Zapiro is no stranger to receiving flack for standing up for his beliefs. During ‘UCT Civic Week’, Zapiro came to campus on Tuesday, August 12th, to give a talk based on his work and how he handles backlash responses.  

Published in Varsity Opinion

LUTHO MTONGANA: A proposal to change the names of campus buildings by political new kids in the block, Wits Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), was welcomed with backlashes at the SRC General Elections Great Debate today.

Published in Vuvuzela News

DYLAN FLOWERDAY: SRC member for transformation and student success Nthabiseng Nooe hosted a forum last Wednesday which discussed the role of student governance.

The discussion focused on why student governance exists, ways to tackle student apathy, ways the SRC can be more effective, and what services the SRC should provide.

Students who attended the forum pointed out that there is a lack of communication between the SRC and students, and said that the SRC does not seem to be taken seriously by either students or UP management.

Published in Perdeby News

BOIPELO BOIKHUTSO: The EFF Tuks branch was officially launched on 6 August at the Graduate Centre. At the launch, new executive committee members were elected. Each member introduced themselves to the crowd with a unique EFF chant.

EFF Tuks secretary Jaco Oelofse said that three candidates affiliated with the EFF will contest the SRC elections. He added that the party has an alliance with the Young Socialist Student Society.

“Due to our new presence on campus, we are still finding our place. However, we are deeply committed to deal with the issues of the working class student,” Oelofse said. He said that although the EFF will focus on “the struggles of black working class students”, they will not alienate other students.

Published in Perdeby News

QUENTIN COETZEE: A decision has been taken to establish an ad-hoc committee to investigate the President's response to the Public Protector's Nkandla report. That report was released five months ago, and the fact that Zuma keeps delaying his response makes it seem like he is just trying to avoid punishment, if his previous actions in this matter haven’t already rung alarm bells.

Published in Varsity Opinion

DEAN HORWITZ: Just two months after winning the Golden Ball at the FIFA World Cup, Lionel Messi is back in the headlines, except this time it’s for all the wrong reasons. Messi and his father, Jorge, stand accused of tax evasion to the tune of 5.3 million dollars, an allegation both of them deny. If found guilty, the player and his father could face up to six years in prison and a hefty fine of up to 32 million dollars. 

Messi and his father were officially charged with tax evasion by the Spanish government in September last year. They, together with Messi’s former agent, were all charged with creating an elaborate scheme to conceal his finances using banks and shell companies in the UK, Uruguay, Switzerland and Belize. The charges allege that false tax returns were submitted in an attempt to defraud the Spanish Government of more than three million dollars between 2006 and 2009.

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