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LUTHO MTONGANA: A proposal to change the names of campus buildings by political new kids in the block, Wits Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), was welcomed with backlashes at the SRC General Elections Great Debate today.

Wits EFF chairperson, Vuyani Pambo, said they  aim to change the names of buildings on campus to honour those of “Africa’s heroes” including the Great Hall which served as the venue for the debate.

“I think it’s important that we locate ourselves so that we know where we are sitting, we are in Africa by the way but the buildings around us do not signify that … You would think in a university where [Robert] Sobukwe lectured, that hall will bear that powerful man’s name on it,” said Pambo.

MICHAL-MARÉ LINDEN: Curlitzia and Vividus Men were crowned the Tuks Serenade winners at the annual Serenade Gala evening hosted by Stuku last Friday night. The Musaion played host to the eight finalists as they each performed one last time before the winners were announced. Boekenhout, Olympus, Sonop, Vividus Men, Curlitzia, Erika, Magrietjie and Vividus Ladies qualified for the final on Thursday through the marks they obtained in the prelims last week.

The gala evening started off with Olympus. Their song selection, which included Ed Sheeran’s “I see fire” and Bastille’s “Things we lost in the fire” reflected their firemen theme well. Olympus also made thoughtful use of firemen-related props, such as a ladder, that were later used as percussion instruments.

DYLAN FLOWERDAY: SRC member for transformation and student success Nthabiseng Nooe hosted a forum last Wednesday which discussed the role of student governance.

The discussion focused on why student governance exists, ways to tackle student apathy, ways the SRC can be more effective, and what services the SRC should provide.

Students who attended the forum pointed out that there is a lack of communication between the SRC and students, and said that the SRC does not seem to be taken seriously by either students or UP management.

BOIPELO BOIKHUTSO: The EFF Tuks branch was officially launched on 6 August at the Graduate Centre. At the launch, new executive committee members were elected. Each member introduced themselves to the crowd with a unique EFF chant.

EFF Tuks secretary Jaco Oelofse said that three candidates affiliated with the EFF will contest the SRC elections. He added that the party has an alliance with the Young Socialist Student Society.

“Due to our new presence on campus, we are still finding our place. However, we are deeply committed to deal with the issues of the working class student,” Oelofse said. He said that although the EFF will focus on “the struggles of black working class students”, they will not alienate other students.

APHILE-APHILE SOLOLO: The celebration of Women’s Week 2014, being held from 4 to 9 August, began with the Pan African Youth Dialogue (PAYD) panel discussion on Beauty and Strength on Tuesday, 5 August at Rhodes University.

Lisa Maholo, the head of the Rhodes University division of PAYD, said the purpose of the discussion was to “provide a platform for young men and women to engage with issues around beauty and strength in a modern society”.

Zukiswa Kota, an Education Researcher and Environmentalist at Public Service Accountability Monitor (PSAM), raised the notion that beauty lies in strength and the natural environment in which one lives.

MAGGIE ROODT: A UP lecturer died after jumping off of the 21st floor of the Humanities Building (HB) on UP’s Hatfield Campus last Wednesday.

44-year-old Danny Nortjé-Rossouw was an accounting lecturer at the university. He also studied at UP, obtaining a degree in financial management.

SAPS warrant officer Dave Miller told Perdeby that the police are approaching Nortjé-Rossouw’s death as a suicide. This can only be confirmed after the postmortem and when the investigation has been completed.


Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT)
The Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) in Durban suspended all lectures on 28 July due to student protests.

Protests began when students who could not register for the second semester because they owed MUT money demanded to be registered.

MUT marketing and communications director Len Mzimela told eNCA that the institution had come to an agreement with students who were in debt of more than R10 000 that they could still register if they negotiated a way of paying back that debt with the university. The protesting students were those who would not negotiate.

BOIPELO BOIKHUTSO: Last week Perdeby published an article reporting TuksRes’s proposal to create separate residences exclusively for first-year students and residences exclusively for senior students. Perdeby asked a few residence students for their opinions on the matter.

 “The proposal is fine if it will make more space for first years as long as no one is excluded.” – Precious Mphago, second-year BA Psychology student from Lilium

DYLAN FLOWERDAY: On Monday 28 July AfriForum Youth placed a coffin with the message “RIP koshuise / residences” at the entrance to the Roosmaryn Building. The coffin contained a petition with 1 600 student signatures along with a memorandum of students’ demands regarding the proposed changes to residences.

Last week, Perdeby reported on proposed changes to residences, which include dividing certain residences into first-year only and senior only residences. “AfriForum Youth and students decided to object to the  planned changes by illustrating the death of residences symbolically,” said AfriForum Youth spokesperson Eduan Dupper in a media statement.

ATHINI MAJALI: “18 years ago I fell in love. I met Mr. Right. I was young, naïve and in love with a man. After sometime we decided to move in together. It was on the night of our housewarming party that he raped me along with his lover. They held me down and raped me continuously. For a year I lived with this man, and the events of that night were never discussed. I refused to acknowledge that what transpired that night was rape because men don’t get raped but the reality is – they do- the truth of the matter is: I am a man and I am a rape survivor.”

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