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WILLIAM ALDRIDGE: Varsity Sports has been entertaining students all year, featuring sport like hockey, rugby and football. Now it is netball’s turn to take centre stage. The second edition of the Vasity Sports Netball tournament will feature 11 players from the South African u/19 netball squad, ensuring high quality netball.

The netball action commences on 14 September and runs until 20 October. There are eight universities taking part in the competition, namely: Stellenbosch University (Maties), University of the Free State (Kovsies), North-West University (Pukke), University of Johannesburg (UJ), Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), University of Cape Town (UCT), Vaal University of Technology (VUT), and the University of Pretoria (Tuks).

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Nqobile Dludla: Once the most-feared netball team on campus, Jubilee was defeated 22-8 by Sunnyside in the third leg of the Wits Internal Netball League at the Digs Field on Tuesday, April 22.

Captain Makoma Molapo admitted the team lacked sparkle and “were not up to par”.

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Nqobile Dludla: Medhurst Hall beat Jubilee 25-9 in the second round of the Wits internal netball league last night.

After a victorious start to the season, Medhurst finally appear to be finding some consistency, backing up last week’s thrilling win over Sunnyside with another meticulous performance against Jubilee.

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KHUMO MEKGWE: Tuks beat the University of Johannesburg (UJ) 61-50 in round five of Varsity Netball last week Monday.

The first half lacked energy and momentum. Tuks lost their first centre pass to give UJ the chance to lead the game by one point. Tuks changed the score two minutes later to gain the lead.

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Nolwazi Mjwara: In the first netball match of the internal league this week Esselen thrashed Reith in a 20-11 victory.

While Reith was the first to get onto the scoreboard and dominated the initial end of the game, Esselen powered to a massive victory to great ululations.

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Rob Byrne: VARISTY's round up of UCT sports clubs.


Things are looking up for UCT Netball in 2013, with the club attracting 90 members in total. The club, which is ranked tenth out of 30 Universities in South Africa, has a new committee in place and new coaches Theo Moletsane and Stephanie Duursema on hand. This year also sees the introduction of Action Netball, with UCT’s finest already showing an aptitude for the format by winning all three games so far this season. Simone Peters, of UCT Netball, was positive about the year ahead, “We also aim to have more girls in WP Netball. Last year three of our girls made it, but this year we are hoping for at least five.”

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What had been expected to be a nail-biter of a match, turned out to be a clean win for NMMU, who played against UFH in the netball finals on Saturday, winning with an impressive 23 – 9.

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RU 1st team netball played an intense match against the UFH, on Saturday 18 August. During the first half of the match UFH dominated with a strong defence, scoring frequently and gaining the upper hand.  Despite two injuries and the changing of players, UFH still played a fierce game. On the other side of the court, the RU team struggled to get the ball into the D and missed many scoring opportunities, particularly during the first minutes of the match.

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NATALIE THOMPSON: On Tuesday 17 April the Tuks ladies residences showed their competitive sides in the intra-mural first years’ netball league. Seventeen teams participated with 23 matches being played in total.

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All-time winners Jubilee Hall were infuriated when they were beaten for the first time 14-11 by Medics at the Wits Netball Internal League (INL) finals on August 27.

In an intense game, Jubilee Hall and Medics maximised their opportunities for shots. The ladies from Medical School maintained their accurate shooting...

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