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WILLIAM ALDRIDGE: The annual University Sports South Africa (USSA) boat races are set to take place later this week from 18-20 September. Rhodes University are the annual hosts to the event which takes place on the Kowie River in Port Alfred.

This year eight universities from around South Africa will take part in the boat races, namely Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, University of Cape Town, University of Johannesburg, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, University of Stellenbosch, University of Pretoria, University of the Witwatersrand, and hosts Rhodes University.

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FIONA DRUMMOND: Rhodes University DanceSport travelled to Mangosuthu University of Technology in Durban to take part in the University Sport South Africa (USSA) DanceSport competition. The competition, which took place from 1-2 July, saw 19 tertiary institutions dance it off. Couples from Rhodes competed in both the Ballroom and Latin sections in levels one; two and three, as well as Novice Latin.

The competition was fierce as couples had to progress through elimination rounds before making it to a final. In level one Ballroom 58 couples competed.  Rhodes dancers Thabang Seloma and Louise Endacott made the quarter-finals, while Haig Smuts and Phuttie Masenya came third. The level two section consisted of 36 couples and Hayden Searle and Donna Stevens made the semi-final and came 12th. In the final Damon Hook and Layla Radosavljevic placed fourth and Andreas Astier and Fiona Drummond took the bronze. The spotlight really shone in level three where Evan Miles and Samantha Hultum won all four of their dances to claim the gold, beating 25 other couples.

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WILLIAM ALDRIDGE: UP played host to the 2014 USSA student cycle tour and successfully defended their 2013 title. The race began on 30 June and consisted of five stages over the course of three days in which cyclists were tested in different disciplines.

The first day started with stage 1A, the Rooiwal road race, consisting of a three lap course which was 72km in total. Tuks’s Thomas Weeks managed to break away from the bunch in the final lap as the competition was too focused on Tuks team captain Kevin Patten.

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WILLIAM ALDRIDGE: UP is set to host the 2014 University Sports South Africa (USSA) cycle tour taking place at the end of June. Tuks are the holders of the 2013 USSA title, which they won at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Port Elizabeth, sealing the victory by dominating the race from the start. On 1 July TuksCycling will be looking to replicate the form shown last year in the road race.

The universities taking part in this year’s tour include: Cape Peninsula University of Technology, NMMU, North-West University, Tshwane University of Technology, University of Cape Town, University of the Free State, University of Johannesburg, and University of Stellenbosch.

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Name: Kevin Michael Patten

Age: 21Height: 172cm

Weight: 58kg

Strengths: Tour riding, climbing and time trials

Tertiary education: BSc Architecture at UP

Manager (agent): Robbie Hunter (Protouch Global)

After playing a crucial role in securing Tuks’ University Sports South Africa (USSA) win last year Kevin Patten will lead the team that will defend the title in this year’s USSA Championships from 1 to 3 July.

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ADITI HUNMA: What if all Martial Arts sporting codes met for a scrumming session?  Any guesses who the winner would be? 

In mid-April 2014, the UCT Tai Chi Club organised a five day long Martial Arts camp in the open fields of Malmesbury to bring together members of three different Martial Arts Clubs - Tai Chi, Tae Kwondo and Capoeira.    

As sporting codes, they were not all that similar, the first being zen and non-confrontational, the second favouring quick and precise kicks and strikes, and the third challenging the laws of gravity and mirroring a cosmic dance.  As art forms, however, they shared a common ethos based on the values of discipline, respect, humility and tolerance in the face of the ‘other’ or an imminent sign of danger.  In fact, all three proved to be shape-shifters, transforming aggression into a force to deflect, absorb or re-direct elsewhere.  For Tai Chi Coach, Peter Williamson, most of the arts gravitate around being centred, neither attacking nor withdrawing but going with the flow of a moving meditation. 

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FEZEKILE COKILE: At a glance, Andile Mapapu looks like your average student. He is 19 years old. He is in second year studying BPharm. For the purposes of our interview he invited me in his room at Chris Hani residence. Like any normal student, his room is a bit untidy. The bed has not been made up yet even though it is 1:30 pm. Books and papers litter the table.  We sit down and he plays Rick Ross’ song ‘The Devil is a liar’ on his computer. “I listen to Hip Hop music, to artists like Drake, Kanye West and Rick Ross,” he says with a bright smile. Mapapu has reason to smile indeed. He recently won the Makana Bodybuilding Contest in the under 21 category and the Men’s overall contest. All of his trophies and medals are displayed on top of his bookcase. When asked if he expected to win the competition he says confidently that he believed he stood a chance. He had worked extremely hard three weeks prior to the competition by training six days a week, and going on a strict diet. His diet included dramatically increasing his protein intake.

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STEPHEN HULME: For some, running 2km is more than enough. Others find 10km to be a good distance. There are still others who would happily run 21km. And then there are those who will settle for nothing less than a 56km ultra-marathon. But there is one elite group of runners who want to push the boundaries still further – the marathon costume runners.

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LUCA KOTTON: The Wits Hockey Club are looking to do well in this year’s varsity hockey tournament, with the first leg starting on home turf tomorrow.

The tournament sees eight varsity teams competing in three rounds of fixtures in the Wits University set of matches before they move on to the next tournament.

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Nicole O'Neill: “Crossfitters be like – what are gains?” “Crossfit? No thanks, we do real pull ups.” “My boyfriend lost his gains in Crossfit, and now I have a girlfriend.” These are some of the many jokes that can be heard in the banter between Crossfitters and non-Crossfitters – one of the many things I love about this unique, dynamic and community-based sport.

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