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It's Rocking the Daisies, Darling

Friday, 11 October 2013 01:30

Tayla-Paige van Sittert: Decked out in my radical left-wing suit, ponderously stroking my fake beard in an ironic manner, I feel it is totally justified to proclaim that the anticipation of an event is probably much more provocative than the actual event. Ouch… dare I go further? Well, you may shake your head in disgust, but I encourage you at this point to stop and sniff the reality of Daisies. The real event is an odd culmination of haze, claustrophobia and distortion through which we prance like real Daisy troopers.

The Liminals playing at Daisies

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 01:11

Lynne Marie Fraser:Paying tribute to the rapid pace at which this band is hurtling into the limelight is their unique name: The Liminals. The band is fresh, having only existed in its current incarnation since July this year; although their fast-paced success reflects the fact that they are riding on a strong foundation that began five years ago with current UCT student Dylan Fine (lead guitarist) and his life-long friend Aviwe Sikele (vocalist and guitarist). Now, with two new members, Angus Hardcastle (bassist) and UCT student Mitchell Davies (drummer), these musicians are well on their way to realising their ambitious dreams for the band. 

Harry Potter: The fandom that lived

Thursday, 19 September 2013 01:43

Aisha Abdool Karim: Attention all Potterheads! Dust of your robes and grab your wands because it’s time to go back to Hogwarts. That’s right witches, wizards, muggles and everything in between. After 2 years with no new developments in the wizarding world, J.K. Rowling has announced a new film series inspired by Harry Potter.

Metallica - A near heart attack

Monday, 13 May 2013 07:29

Marike Watson: A rock 'n roll war at Belville Veledrome

It’s pitch dark in the Belville Veledrome, apart from the all lit cigarettes around me. The only sound is a bustling noise from the crowd. It’s midway through Metallica’s repertoire and the audience is waiting in anticipation for what’s about to happen next. Suddenly the Veledrome turns into a battlefield, explosions set off on stage creating a war-like atmosphere and with each explosion the audience jump straight out of their black-only attire. Frontman James Hetfield seems amused as he laughs at the folks behind the guardrail.

Hands up for the Student Crisis Fund

Tuesday, 02 April 2013 09:53

UCT students rejoiced the beginning of the mid-semester vacation at the Student Representative Council’s (SRC) event, Rock the Mile, held on the Green Mile on March 21st.

The afternoon included performances from well-known artists such as Locnville, Deader than Disco, UCT’s Jimmy Nevis and international legend, Basshunter.

The event was part of the SRC’s campaign to raise money for the Student Crisis Fund, which aids financially-desperate UCT students who are in need of basic necessities.

Of Titanium Tubes and the End of Man

Tuesday, 02 April 2013 08:55

Let me be frank with you, dear readers. I’ve been struggling. I’ve been struggling to find an idea, any idea, to put into some coherent form to share with you here.

The Vac (capitalised purely as it is very important) came and went in the form of an arch-nemesis to General Productivity. The latter's forces, battered and bruised by the unholy alliance of home, sun, surf and the absence of classes, have suffered irredeemable losses. At least that was what I thought, until my Twitter stumblings happened across a wonderful strand of information from UK gaming blog Rock, Paper, Shotgun. The cavalry had finally arrived.

Rise of the Afrikaans film empire

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 09:07

Liza Mirò Combrinck: Is the Afrikaans movie business taking over the local film industry? 

When people think of Afrikaans movies, the general name that pops up is usually Leon Schuster – known for his brilliant pranks back in the 90s, and for his cringe- worthy, brilliantly bad movies that followed.

Cape Town’s quickie with Miguel

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 09:04

Sibabalwe Mona: An intimate performance and a mass love-affair on an ostrich farm.

Get there at 11am, they said. The show will start at 1pm, they said. That is what was going through my mind, as I sat on the ground in sweltering Cape Town heat, on a farm at 4pm two Sunday afternoons ago. After five hours of sitting, sun burning and waiting for the Metro FM-sponsored Miguel concert to start, at the Cape Town Ostrich Farm, many of the concert-goers were fed-up with the organisation and logistical failures of the concert.

Holi One Festival

Thursday, 07 March 2013 07:46

Tristan Rayner: A burst of colour and optimism erupts at the first Holi One Festival. 

On March 2nd, the Grand Parade became the setting for the first ever commercial Holi One Festival in South Africa. Tickets quickly sold out due to the festival’s reputation alone, setting the stage for what was destined to be a spectacular event.

The Next Big Book Trend

Monday, 04 March 2013 03:57

What will be the next page turner to sell millions of copies? Here’s as good a guess as any…

New-millennium readers are hard to please. But once you get them hooked, you’ve got them hooked for good. Think JK Rowling, Stephenie Meyer and EL James. Of course, magic, vampires and sexual horrification are so over by now. While the literary world recovers from Fifty Shades, readers are awaiting the next big thing. But what will it be?

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